Why is Society so fiercely against Children?   When considering how beautiful,  innocent,  harmless and helpless they are as well as the obvious fact that these are future humans created for and in the Natural Order,  Society sure does work hard to eradicate or at least psychologically destroy these little Angels.  This is a situation which should really be looked at,  and also must be observed outside the excuses and rationalizations of the same Society that promotes this insane and inhumane behavior.  The two major offenders are of course Abortion and Pedophilia.   When you think about it the poor little Souls don’t have a chance…..if they manage to escape getting ripped out of their  “mother”  and thrown into a wastebasket or toilet they may be able to avoid the increasingly popular rape…..and then after that maybe a bomb will drop on them,  who knows.   How have we come to accept this,  when in reality it should be intolerable?   And please believe me when i say that i absolutely believe Women or anyone for that matter should not be told what to do with regard to their own body,  and i am certainly not saying that Women who have had Abortions are in any way evil…..i am just observing what is going on,  what the reality of the End Result is,  and when looked at even casually it is not good at all in fact it is quite horrific.   It actually looks to me to be a form of Child Sacrifice,  and why not?  Humans have committed that atrocity before,  but we rationalize that away by saying to ourselves  “that was thousands of years ago”.   But i say so what?  The Bible was written thousands of years ago as well and that remains a valid philosophy to many of us…..and no matter when it occurred one has to wonder what could possibly convince a mother to willingly give up her child to death?   What psychology did the Priests use,  and more importantly WHY would they ask for such a thing?   What kind of God would request the sacrifice of a child?  Even when it comes to animals the mother will go shithouse if you go near her babies.  So it is very curious and very disturbing.  But since our Mass Consciousness is now too sophisticated to hand over our babies willingly to the Priests and their ideals,  how would the Entity or Entities who control our Civilization get their Children?   And i truly believe that the answer is Abortion.   More on this later….

i am seriously disturbed not just by act of sexual abuse perpetrated upon the most and innocent and helpless,  but with the increasing frequency with which this happens as well.  As i have written about before and will continue to mention,  when i see a popular animated television show such as  “Family Guy”  that has a regular character who shows up every episode who is clearly a pedophile,  i have to wonder just what is going on.  Have we already accepted this?  Are they trying to convince us to accept it?  Obviously this is not funny at all except to maybe a few moronic frat boys with no brains of their own.  To have a character who is a pedophile on an animated television show is beyond unacceptable.  It is so inhuman and Evil that you would think that if this happened just ONCE then all of Society would stop dead in its tracks and say,  “What a horrible thing!  Let’s make sure THAT never happens again”…..but we don’t.  We accept it.  No one wants them as neighbors understandably neither would i but in a way we do accept it.  Because it is going on and it seems to be increasing and it is consistently linked with the higher echelons of our Society,  those who Control what we do, just to make things worse.  The Vatican,  of course,  is the first example that comes to mind.   And they did a damn good job of making people think it was relegated to Boston in the 80’s rather than since the beginning and all over the world which it was.  Consider that the Vatican was conceived right in the middle of the Roman Empire which was notoriously distorted in the sexual department.  Titus used to abuse little boys and then throw them over the cliff,  he called them tadpoles.  These are the leaders,  folks.  i really suspect this stuff goes up high not only because of evidence like this article but because it is painfully obvious that as with Abortion it seems as though the Entities have a desire for Children…..i am not alone in this.  Many alien researchers believe that aliens feed off of our negative energies,  which would be similar behavior to an Old Testament demon.   And children being innocent they are like an even more powerful drug.  i will be writing and codifying this more in the near future,  but essentially if the Entities who control us feed off energy and desire children this way,  then the leaders they put in charge of the Humans will as well,  and this whole negative, patriarchal, abuse pattern filters all the way down from the Entities or “gods”  to the Controllers and leaders to the abusive father.   The press and politicians will always attempt to make us think that pedophilia,  like satanism,  are just examples of random creeps,  psychopathic hiccups in our Society which certainly do exist,  but the evidence seems to point to organization in the higher levels of politics and religion.  Hence i pass on these two articles:  (Notice in the one how the Blessed Sacraments were being sold to Satanists…..)




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