The implanted mantra that somehow is continually transmitted into the brains of all Well-Trained-Humans from a range of sources is that America is and always will be Free…..and while it is formed on checks and balances there is no guarantee for any definitive belief such as that.  The other dangerous Thought Form being injected into all without so much as the feel of a pin prick is that this ephemeral freedom can only be obtained by the removal of all other freedoms.  Ego and Fear once again are the human frailties by which these are applied,  like a topical analgesic with the opium like power to numb,  dull and otherwise shut off all rebellious thoughts,  the inability to shake off the persistent whispering of hypnotic suggestions.  The Police have morphed into a Militaristic Task Force with a combined resume that includes the shutting down of little girl’s lemonade stands to beating a man into the realms of Death,  this latter as a team sport ten at a time,  as it natural for them to act like pack animals in the alpha-male patriarchal form…..

Yet both Police and Public are for the most part comprised of Human Beings,  i say that because doubt can be very easily achieved with the consideration of how far and serious the Science of Cloning and Arteficial Intelligence have developed,  and walking and talking among us are many different life-forms,  with Ego and Fear again playing a major part in our disacknowledgement of at least the consideration of this.  But both Public and Police are for the purposes of this writing Human,  and both believe in the American Ideal of Freedom… is a testimony to the creativity of said Humans that such a diverse view can be held on the same belief,  but the clever psychological manipulation of the Controllers who understand the psychology of the Human Mind and Emotions far better than we ourselves do is also at play here.  It is a Spiritual War and as such a battle for the Soul,  and it is played out best metaphorically described in Chess.  The Public Pawns on one side and the Police Pawns on the other……and the Kings and Queens,  next to the Bishops as always,  are on the board.  It is not them we should be concerning ourselves with so much as the hidden hand that is moving all of these pieces.


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