Ahhh,  Sports.  That recreational pastime of true men in a truly advanced Civilization….of course,  this same Civilization supports and encourages a world wide philosophy of war and imperialistic behavior that impacts and impedes every aspect of our Culture – maybe both the symptom and the cause,  in a symbiotic circle that feeds vainly and grotesquely upon itself.    i cannot see this as some sort of violently vicious coincidence associated with Sports,  rather Sports were designed to massage and manipulate this primitive resource of the psychopathic controllers…..( i do use that term quite a bit but i feel it cannot be overstated )  This could be an article from the Aztec Times,  circa 1300….My favorite missing link in the psychological sense,  or the antennae of the alpha male vibrating like a mouse’s whiskers at the scent of the cat – have we not out-grown all of this?  Surely we should never have been like this to begin with,  perhaps that was our greatest error as a Civilization,  the Fall…..the Violent Sacrificial Monkey within man has linked up on the Consciousness in a frenzy of pheromones and too many exciting homoerotic images of the players,  Life itself  could very well be a Sociological experiment – 



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