i had always thought New Yorkers to be street smart,  individual and tough…..but agreeing to be guinea pigs for the Government and allowing them to spray gas on you has lowered my opinion considerably….despite the fact that the Government had absolutely no right to do this and i would not like to see anyone become ill or affected.    But of course they are going to test chemicals on you,  the Government performs tests on people all the time without telling them.   i imagine that anyone they do inform,  as with this event,  is for a reason. 

Here is a friendly tip that most Citizens,  including the Military and the Police,  should be very aware of:   The Controllers of the Government do not care about you at all.  They use you in tests as they use you in war.   You should have more respect for yourself,  though.

But i would bet that these same New Yorkers don’t stop for a card game on the New York Streets because they know it is a con…..and i bet when they meet someone new they run an analytical assessment in their mind about how that person talks,  dresses and carries himself… other words they are usually cautious and aware on the streets,  but when it comes to the Police,  Government,  Priests and Doctors they have been led to believe that these people are not only the experts and in charge,  but that as the Authorities they have our best interests at heart.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

This is something that must be learned,  by everyone:   WE CAN NO LONGER TRUST THOSE WHO RUN OUR SOCIETY.

Just read this card they had the audacity to hand out:

It says that they are unaware of the health effects of perflourocarbon gas,  but then they go on calmly to admit that it causes early menopause,  thyroid problems and tumors,  as well as reproductive problems.  And yet somehow they are testing this crap on you for your protection against a future attack!   How is that for psychopathic logic that they expect you to buy?   So far the only one i see attacking us with chemicals that kill Humans is our own Government……because the Muslims didn’t do this.  The Chinese didn’t do this.  And even the Terrorists didn’t do this.


And they saved the best for last:  ” Thank you for riding with the MTA  and have a safe day.”

A safe day?   The Maniacs who gassed innocent Human Beings in a subway are telling their victims to have a safe day….

i truly hope that everyone involved keeps healthy and is able to enact justice  from the psychopaths who without the consent or will of the people have taken Control of our Society and inflicted untold misery…..





  1. Well, you could think on that. It’s a great way of getting rid of thoss that think the government has been looking out for them.

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