Here is a page of short videos of UFO’s that were taken by people unexpectedly…..these were mostly taken just in the last month or so.  Just to maintain the proper balance of what people are seeing in the sky,  which certainly may not all be Extra-Terrestials,  but as UFO’s  nor crop circles get much attention it is good to see the things the Media doesn’t show us.

We can make the following True Statement:  We as Humans do not know everything.

Then it would follow that we could ask ourselves:  How much DON’T we know?

It is so very easy for us to fall into the mistaken impression that we know quite a bit;  Ego and Fear help us along that road quite nicely.  But in addition our perceptions work in a manner which seem to fill our heads with light and sound,  what could be categorized as an “information overload”  when in fact we are perceiving very little and aware of much less.

Take Gravity,  for example.  This is a basic and constant force in our Reality,  and yet the cause remains unknown to us.  That seems rather insane to me,  all the futuristic advancements we have made and our awareness of what makes our basic surroundings is lacking.

As the Atom,  the basic building block of all things is also elusive and mysterious to us in its definition.

In the early days of our Social Consciousness Human Beings,  not as sophisticated in their knowledge of the Weather,  would see and hear the fantastic lightening storms or experience earthquakes and naturally assume that the gods were angry with something.  But soon we grew more enlightened and instead many intelligent cultures around the world developed a pantheon of gods to attribute to the differing aspects of Nature and Life…..and then again our Social Consciousness arose ( perhaps )  and the many gods became the one true god….so my question is are we done growing from a Consciousness perspective?  Now we have the answer,  is that it?  i just want to be sure,  that’s all.  We got the right answer on a very tough question in only three tries,  not bad.  Maybe we have more revelations to experience,  or maybe some of these beliefs were insisted upon Civilization by Evil men…..


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