One of the biggest stumbling blocks for “Us”  attempting to make sense of the Evil going on in our Culture is that we do not expect other people,  especially those revered in Society as Authorities and therefore “above us”  and deserving to be in control,  to perform horrific acts on other Human Beings.  We would never do such things and so we find it hard to accept or even acknowledge that professionals such as Doctors would.   As we know,  the psychopathic personality not only has the desire but the cold and calculating attitude and lack of empathy for other Humans,  while the quiet and spiritual among us do not.  So not only will these types of jobs be sought out they will be abused by the psychopathic personality.   And they will win every time,  as they are designed for this kind of conflict and the spiritual one is not.  Society,  itself Negative and Evil in design and purpose,  rewards the psychopath and crushes the sensitive among us.

And so this is what happens when a patient awakens in an American hospital bed about to have their organs removed.  Doctors have the Authority to proclaim a Human Being dead even while their heart is still beating,  as they can falsely claim Brain Death or other such grotesque trickery.   Signing an organ donor card,  a sign of selfless consideration for other humans is taken advantage of…..the Doctors do not want to help,  rather they just help themselves to more and more of those evil magickal sigils called money.

This inconceivable association with black market organs,  as Mike Adams at Natural News informs us,  happens every day and is a billion dollar business.  Forget that it is a hospital with supposed oversight and regulations,  these protections are also under the evil spell.  We trust our very bodies and health to these so called Authorities,  these Holy Priests of the Mechanical Body,  what other Evils are they perpetrating?  It must go on,  they do not act otherwise.  i have seen the facts and the clear evidence of their lack of empathy toward Humans….. 

i would not trust my baby with them,  nor my pregnant wife.  How could i with these facts?   i would be a fool if i did.




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