He said literally not figuratively – although it is all related eventually.  This is a question dealing with basic perceptions that must be considered as we tackle concepts like extra-terrestials and abductions,  and how these are performed.  We must examine Reality,  but to do this we must understand ourselves first and foremost.

i am not so sure we do understand ourselves well,  or well enough to engage in talks of Gods and Aliens who can manipulate our minds easily,  or as many researchers and shamans have suggested are actually a part of our psychology since mankind’s beginnings. How can we even consider these far-out Thoughts without understanding how we alone process Information and Reality?

The brain is the only living thing we are aware of that analyzes itself.   That is a very difficult project in itself to accomplish,  fraught with many scientific and experimental hazards.    Now consider the complicated aspects of the brain and mind,  the psychology of emotions and other factors,  not to mention the uniqueness of each human.  This is not as simple as the medical community would have us believe.  i am not so sure they have it all figured out.

Like Darwin,  Freud was not the only one with a theory,  and being a theory it is not proven.  So why is his theory accepted so heartily above all others?  Remember also that Freud was living in a castle given to him by the worlds leading powerhouse on social manipulation,  Tavistock.  No one will give you a castle to live in unless you are somewhere working to advance their agenda.  So when a hugely influential social manipulator like Tavistock gives the pre-eminent ( as they chose him)   psychologist of our day who has influenced and controlled the entire field,  i become suspicious.

There are numerous situations where the Mind is receiving information from an outside source….non-local consciousness is also making more sense to physicists and researchers.



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