It is very easy,  with the overwhelming amount of News and Information available to us, to pass over the plight of a handful of inmates.  But Eugenics is a very dangerous philosophy of those in power… shows a despicable lack of concern for humanity as well as the blatant attitude that would allow someone to believe that they can do what they want to other Human Beings,  no matter how personal,  how invasive,  or even whether they are Women and locked up in a cage…..

Which is why they performed this abusive torture on Women in a prison…..two groups that Society finds easy not to empathize with.

The entire world at one time was horrified by the Eugenics Movement that Hitler supported and activated,  when in fact it is documented that Hitler learned and was inspired by the American Eugenics Movement of the early part of the century.  In fact,  they had to change their name because Hitler gave Eugenics such a bad reputation after WWII.

The definition may sound palatable,  even progressively scientific,  yet the end result of forcefully sterilizing Humans with the intent of racially and genetically  “purifying”  the population is unacceptable.

And while you may not feel personally threatened by a Eugenics program,  at least consider how those in power who control you have this type of belief system and dehumanizing philosophy.


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