Words are very powerful,  and now cognitive studies are showing that people who speak different languages have differing conceptual views.   On things like causality,  time perception,  even about guilt and justice.   Language is also the first line of Mind-Control,  and here is one of my favorite examples:  When King James was publishing his version of the Bible,  he put many great scholars on the case,  Sir Francis Bacon being one of them.  One of the cleverer adjustments that he made was the deceptively simple changing of the word  ” congregation ”  to instead read ” church “.  What this did in effect  was actually very powerful.  For the word Congregation meant a gathering of people,  usually more than two,  and this group of people could at any time pray to God.  But by changing the word Congregation everywhere in the Bible to the word Church,  it instantly changed the whole concept and manner in which prayer was allowed to be achieved… other words,  rather than needing just two or more people to relate to God,  now a Church was needed –  a building, a structure that called into play all the hierarchy of a Church from the Bishops down to the Priest and finally the Congregation.  Quite a difference.  To pray now meant the embodiment of a Church with its structure and rules,  the Congregation and common man at the bottom,  of course.

The way language is manipulated and used in the Media and Hollywood can give us not only pre-conceived notions of ideas,  but at the same time make us feel like we are thinking for ourselves when we are actually being steered in a certain direction.  

Be as Free and Unique in your Thoughts as you can without ever Sacrificing your Soul……that’s always a good test,  running the End Result by your Heart and making sure you feel no Psychic Friction.


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