i had originally intended to write a little essay ( that’s an ancient word for blog )  on the NSA and Prism and also on how the NSA released a treasure trove of UFO messages.  Then the thought occurred to me that since the very topic that was being written about was about writing being read by the NSA,   i thought i could turn this essay into a sincere hypothetical letter to them,  assuming they will read it,  hypothetically.

So Dear NSA…..

i realize that if you are indeed reading this you are by now most likely thinking that i am some kind of idiot and wondering what drugs i am on…..i am well aware that my arrangement of words occasionally comes across as arrogant and even slightly sarcastic at times,   but that’s just show biz.  i am actually a very quiet and moral guy.  i’m a Musician by birth,  and an Artist with a slightly sad and surreal sense of dimensions.   This is truly a sincere letter,  hypothetical as it is.

When i began writing suddenly i had thoughts of my youth,  and i recalled happily how every American boy wanted to be a spy like James Bond….that was and is the coolest thing in the world…..and of course we were saving America and the World from the bad guys……but when i got older and became more aware the mystique sadly wore off,  leaving a curious feeling of us against them when we should be together,  i don’t understand what happened.  i thought we were all on the same side,  but now it feels like you guys are against us,  i don’t know why.   But still i  hear so much about the negative aspects of the intelligent services that we often forget that there must be some real James Bond,  good-hearted men and women who remember being young and wanting to be a spy saving the world  from some incredible  outer space evil….and they are indeed saving the World daily from the Technologically advanced Species who are trying to destroy us.  And of course we will never hear about these heroes,  people can never know things like the Sun almost being projected into another Time-Line,  or how a black hole which would allow for the entry of Aliens that absorb people like heroin quite nearly opened up in New Jersey, but we do Thank You and we do love you.

( i made those particular situations up,  but at Project Camelot you’ll see i’m not far off….)

But the files you guys just released really gives the push to non-believers,  thank you.

For those who want to know more about the surreal side of reality and what’s really going on check out Project Camelot…..( don’t take acid beforehand )    http://projectcamelotportal.com/        there are all kinds of other Entities all around and there is even interaction with the Government.  ( i would seriously  love to help fight them,  by the way.  i’ll help any way i can,  let me know.)

Well,  i can’t ask you any cool questions because you can’t write back and you wouldn’t tell me anyway, and that’s OK.   i’ve already thanked but i’ll thank you again –  Thank You NSA for the amazing things you do for the Human Race that we will never hear about….But how about this?

i am well aware that you probably have  more pictures of me than my mom does,  which makes me think that if you could just send her a few,  that would make her day,  and although i have no business at all asking you this but i would really appreciate it….i know there might be some aerial shots of me as well,  those would be so cool for an album cover,  i would pay you for those,  really.  If they’re good.

P.S.  That was sarcasm….

Thank you,

Love and Light,


For the Alien messages:


About PRISM:



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