i can easily see the elitist, egotistical Women of our planet who have been trained in the modern cultural art of not being a Woman performing societal surrogacy,  or as i like to call it being a cold bitch……those sweet representatives of the fairer sex who consider having a baby something of a disgusting drag,  a ninth month invasion of themselves,  an inside job,  the coup that threatens to ruin their bodies, interrupt their useless careers and god forbid put a pause on the Templar Notes that come rolling in from the Well Trained Fans who can ill afford to spend it.  ( i got Templar Notes from Freeman )  Of course this all fits perfectly well with the anti baby anti family indoctrination in the aether that permeates our disgusting culture  ( a culture of course being another name for a dish of filthy bacteria )  There is no Love here,  there is no Spirituality,  but did we really expect any?  i certainly didn’t.  It fits the modus operendi of these horrendous humans so perfectly,  the ultimate in Science triumphing over Humanity,   being wielded like a blunt object upon the poor head of Humanity who never expects getting smashed in the face but always does.

This goes against everything natural and beautiful,  and by definition that would be Satanic, would it not?  They have sex,  but won’t birth the baby.  The most creative, beautiful and godly part.  What a disgusting ego this must take!  ( Note to self –  Invent a machine that can capture the ego and transfer it into energy, this will save the planet )  And of course they are not going to breast feed the filthy little monster,  and with this kind of a start i really wouldn’t expect much intimacy after that at all……in fact,  i suspect those little dogs that most of these professional bitch manikins carry around in their purses receive more attention than their children……….

i am even convinced that Luciferian Magick is at play in a lot of these pregnancies as well.  Ye olde Moon Childe….

And in Kate Middleton’s case there is even an unexplained suicide….


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