These ominous words came from a Militarized Gang with a battering ram who forcibly kidnapped four children from their loving and horrified parents.

It was the Police,  of course,  acting this time on behalf of the State School System.

You see,  if their intent was NOT the Control and Indoctrination of our Children,  they would of course not act like this.  Their aggressive,  completely out-of-bounds reaction tells us all.

World Wide Oppression of the Human Spirit marches on,  aided overtly by self-titled Democratic Countries and covertly by all Peoples, whose silence and acquiescence condones and permits this Spiritual Genocide.

This happened in Germany,  but here in America we also have been trained to perceive the Educational System  ( pause for sardonic laughter )  as one of the many great advantages to living in such a great,  free Country  ( pause for additional sardonic laughter )…..where every child regardless of race or background will be educated for free…..isn’t that considerate of an otherwise ruthless Government?  But that is just how the idea is sold to us.   Because in reality we really should be thinking,  “Holy Shite,  the State, which has proven time and again their incompetence and penchant for control and destruction of any and all Spirituality,  has my Child all day long from Kindergarten unti the age of 16…..”

Let us reflect upon that for a moment.   While true that it isn’t ALL day,  just most of it,  and while they do have the summer off,  this is an inordinate amount of consistent time over the entire young life of a growing person…….do you think there is enough time for some Behavioral Modification to be accomplished here?  i think there is more than enough time.

i wish i could figure out the numbers,  but certainly a child grows up under the influence of the School System far, far more than their parents,  both time-wise and idea-wise.   And the more i consider this,  the more i realize just how much time AND control they have with our Children.

And the rest of the day the Television has them…..

i never really saw the logic to the argument of removing prayer from school…….what group could possibly have had a problem with this? Who was the complainant in this matter?   Prayer has a zero potential of hurting anyone.  So when i see someone insistent on banning something like prayer that only benefits and will never hurt,  i know exactly what they are up to…..it is not about protecting other kids feelings or religious sensitivity…..it is obviously about control and indoctrination.   Because really,  what is going to happen when they grow up and see a Temple or a Mosque?  The idea that praying could possibly hurt anyone else is ludicrous both in its conception AND its acceptance.   After all,  every child can pray…..the Christian kids,  the Jewish kids and the Muslim kids.  What’s wrong with that?  The Atheist kids can pick their nose or play games on their hand-held whatever kids are hand holding these days…..but OK,  maybe some religions or families need certain accoutrements and surroundings,  so i’ll let that slide for now….

But isn’t it curious that they are so insistent on no prayer,  and yet at the same time very insistent on implanting the idea in children that we come from monkeys?  They worked so hard to get prayer out,  and so hard to get monkeys in…..

Why is it,  do you think,  that Darwin’s Theory IS being taught?  This Theory is unproven,  being a Theory,  now why would they teach something to children in school that is not even proven?  Why would they fight so hard in court to get the right to teach something to Children that has not even been prove?   Because if you want to kill a Child’s Spirit and make them feel worthless,  especially at such a young age when they are easily indoctrinated,  and teachers and school unfortunatey mean the world to them,  very simply take away the idea that they were created by a God and have a Soul.   Tell them they came from monkeys!  That should dull the light of their Spirit,  especially when combined with added Flouride and some Pharmacological drugs…..and as an added bonus,  when you subtract God from the equation then the State becomes the next most powerful force in people’s lives.

And nothing goes better with a loss of God and Soul than a deeply implanted fear……a great example of the School System destroying a Child early is by instituting a lifetime of hidden fear with repetitive Mind-Control in cartoon form:

Even though this is old we can still learn how they operate…..this was clearly not done to instruct the children,  because as anyone will tell you HIDING UNDER A DESK OR PUTTING A COAT OVER YOUR HEAD WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM AN ATOMIC BOMB……  Why the hell else traumatize young impressionable Children with vivid descriptions and film of horrible bomb blasts?  Thus it was done for one reason –  to instill FEAR……Fear takes the body’s attention away from Spirituality,  and gives the Evil Entities what is essentially their food and drugs.  It also puts the traumatized child in obeisance to the authority they believe will protect them.   Pay very close attention to the narrator and how absolutely SICK this is…….the current fears they are instilling are of course about terrorism, and saving the Earth,  which every Child can identify with,  and this will be used later in their lives to justify taking from them or controlling resources  such as water, food and energy.

Time and time again study after study has shown that Children who study and play Music immensely improves both their Math and English skills,  as well as much else in the Body and Mind.   Not surprisingly,  Music being Spiritual it will certainly uplift the Human…..so what are they consistently removing from the schools?  Music, of course.   And yet what do they keep and promote?  Football,  the violent,  competitive,  war scenario game of the alpha male psychopaths…..

We have gotten so used to being told what to do it is sickening…..we can’t even walk across the damn street without the permission of flashing lights and signs telling us how to do it,  they train us at the airports to submit to fear and insane, unnaceptable man handling,  cops shut down little girl lemonade stands and militaristically raid a raw milk farm,  driving over the speed limit or not putting on the blinker is not a reason to be pulled over and harrassed,  WE ARE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS WE CAN TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES……and THERE IS NO MAN-MADE LAW NOR ORGANIZATION WHO HAS ANY HIGHER AUTHORITY OVER A CHILD OTHER THAN THE PARENTS END OF STORY

Most parents or single parents unfortunately depend on the school as a form of daycare,  as the economy and split families cause the need for work…..but if a parent wants to home-school i not only support it,  i highly recommend it.  When they are not brain washing they are not even teaching proper lessons anyway.

An attack on individuality,  spirituality,  and a lifelong indoctrination of the state’s ideas for future well trained humans…..( just pause )


And since this occurred in Germany,  i thought it interesting to mention this other article……so good job and congratulations to Germany,  for Nazi-like behavior in taking children from their homes,  but yet are so considerate and thoughtful in making sure that a  “third gender”  gets recognized……YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR ACTIONS:


And an excellent article by Andrew Gavin Marshall of The People’s Voice . Org that i came across post-this writing that is a superb break-down of Education’s history and purpose:




i was very happy to read that Israel has decided to stop adding Flouride to their water supply…..this greatly benefits the health of the Israeli’s,  and it is very rare and refreshing to see any government respond and react in favor of their people.  America,  on the other hand,  remains resilient in what appears to be an intentional desire to overtly poison its population by adding this proven toxic and mentally debilitating chemical to over 50% of the water supply…….and just to add ignorance to injury our  “health professionals”  tell us to drink up to 8 glasses a day!  Yes Virginia,  they ARE trying to kill you……http://www.naturalnews.com/041782_water_fluoridation_Israel_environmental_pollutants.html,

And while we are on the topic of Nature being perverted and distorted by Man and Science,  here is a great explanation of GMO’s. Genetically Modified Organisms,  whose very description alone should make one consider just exactly what is occurring here…..after all,  if we consider Nature to be favored in any metaphysical way by God,  or perhaps considered as the Template which God has designed,  at the very least a major part of His Creation,  then who do we really think we are to be modifying this by Ego alone?  Could we say that by reprogramming Nature one would be attempting to imitate or even be God?  This is what Lucifer desires,  is it not?    And as all is interactive and connected in this Reality,  and it does affect nearby crops,  it is reprogramming us as well,  and to be sure it will be negative,  but is it intentional or idiocy?…..( Here’s a hint –  it’s intentional )  http://organicmattersblog.com/2013/08/21/whats-all-the-fuss-about-gmos-a-lot-for-starters/#more-799

Continuing with Nature being perverted and distorted i give you Miley Cyrus…..

For leading young girls down the path of whoredom and away from the Feminine Essence of the Goddess i give her the “dumb broad”  of the year award,  and there is always very heavy competition for this award,  believe me…..

First,  allow me to explain just what a very clever attack on the culture she is.  i used to stay at house where there were children who would watch her program,   Disney’s  Hannah Montana,   so i am actually very familiar with her and her show.   And guess what?  Much like the first taste of heroin is free,  the show was not bad from a slutty perspective…….idiotic,  yes…vapid,  yes….and while there was other behavioral modification going on,  slutty, no.  Her father in real life plays her dad in the show,  and the southern good family image is not pushed but it is very present,  much like the deceptive Disney name which makes every mother feel comfortable when in actuality it should ring alarm bells like a swastika would……

And then we get this………http://www.inquisitr.com/921194/miley-cyrus-twerks-grinds-robin-thicke-on-stage-at-vmas/

Before i begin grammatically slapping Miley Cyrus in the brain……

A quick anecdote on how deceptive acclimation can be,  and why i believe awareness in this area is very key.  i had stopped eating McDonald’s and Burger King for the obvious reasons of the chemicals they put into the food,  the growth hormones etc, and because it is complete poison in many ways…..and since we get energy from food,  there is an amazing transference here,  when the animal being caged is in great fear, pain and anxiety when it is tortured and killed,  that is the energy that is passed along to you,  the consumer……that doesn’t mean that you will feel instantly scared after eating a hamburger,  but that negative emotional energy is most surely passed on to you.  So recently i did have a great craving for this stuff,  which in itself i would like to examine,  and i broke down and had some.  Now i used to eat 3 or 4 of these nasty things easily,  but now i couldn’t get even half way through because  it tasted like someone had dumped a pile of salt on it,  which essentially they did……but why had i never noticed this before?  Acclimation,  by getting used to it….i was amazed at how disgustingly salty this tasted and how it had never bothered me before.  And for someone who loves their coffee sweet i couldn’t even drink the milkshake it was so sugary……so now let’s transfer this concept to culture and ideas……what else are we used to and accept in Society that is truly disgusting when we look at it?   Well,  quite a bit actually.

Now,  i cannot say whether Miss Cyrus is being manipulated or not and if so to what degree – my guess would be most definitely she is the current of a long line of the MK Ultra style,  from blonde Marilyn Monroe to blonde Britney Spears.   or if she chooses to lead young girls down the path of whoredom away from the Goddess Essence of Woman with her own Free Will which would be far worse.

But after gaining a tremendous following of young girls and the trust of dumb mothers everywhere,  she drops the bomb.   What are these young, impressionable girls to think after growing up with the sweet Hannah now?

Behavioral Modification in action…….

For a very insightful view,  as always,  into Miley’s Mind-Controlled Slut Show:



On a sad note,  my and many other’s absolute most favorite toy from childhood,  Lego’s,  seem to be making more characters with angry faces….this makes ME angry!

This of course DOES have an affect on children’s development,  so what’s going on?  The usual behavioral modification that is also accomplished more intensely and frequently on Television……the study also showed that Lego’s more and more are dealing with conflict – and these people know exactly what they are doing,  and exactly what affect this has on children,  that’s what gets me so angry….

If you look at everything with just a slight tilt of your eye,  you will suddenly see an entirely different reality going on,  exactly like those pictures that change when you change your angle of view…..

( What could be getting the Lego People so pissed off?  i was always so good to them….. )



They never told us Oppenheimer was a Psychopath……and i realize that i use that word a lot,  but when they stop making ’em i’ll stop writing about ’em…..

Because it turns out that Mr. Manhattan Project himself,  Robert J. Oppenheimer,  actually committed three attempted murders in his young, genius protected life,  and one time he even asked a friend if they would adopt his baby girl –  “Why?”  asked the friend wisely……”because i can’t love her”  was his matter-of-fact reply………..say say what what???   That is the perfect example of lack of Empathy.  Why is there always a Psychopath behind everything that affects our lives?  Because obviously anyone who would want to give away their baby girl with zero emotion must surely qualify as Psychopathic,  not to mention those three casual murder attempts where he was saved by his family and his intellect…..

So it makes complete sense that the United States Government would tell this man that they will supply him with all the resources he needs to build the biggest,  sickest bomb the Planet has ever seen.  

After all,  if you want to build a device that will do as much destruction to Humanity as possible,  you obviously want to get an emotionless person who has tried to kill humans before,  one who doesn’t even want or care about their own baby girl…..

Remember,  when they went to test the Atomic Satanic Bomb, there were many scientists present who felt it was very probable that the chain reaction created could very well keep going and destroy the planet entirely……AND THEY STILL TESTED IT!  These are the people in charge,  folks…..  

( And Society views ME as a weirdo…. )


OPERATION KILL BAMBI ( and humanity along with her)

There are certain momentous occasions in history when mankind outdoes himself,  when he surpasses a certain moral milestone that speaks quite clearly and plainly to the world,  “This is how things are to be done from this point forward.  This has now become part of your reality.”  The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were examples of this.   As was 911.

And now mankind has dared to venture even further into the darker realms of inhumanity.

We are now a Civilization that will Militarily attack a baby deer.

When the Wisconsin authorities received an anonymous tip about a baby deer being housed without a permit,  they understandably became very concerned and predictably very frightened……not wanting or even able to think for themselves they immediately enacted the first procedure of any operation,  and that is to overreact violently.     And that seemed quite providential as somehow it seemed that if the first protocol had been any different it would have just been ignored in favor of violence anyway.  God-damn baby deer.  They think they own this city.  And since everything went “green”  they just walk around like God’s gift to Nature……but there are laws,  god damn it…..contrived and absurd,  but laws all the same,  but do they appreciate it?   Just because a baby deer poses no threat at all even to a baby human,  the Military is a creature all its own with the Fears and Hatreds of a psychopathic nightmare,  as well as the difficult job of protecting the people by controlling them, beating them and throwing them in jail…..and do the people appreciate this?  Not a bit!  In fact, they protest even more!    it seems the more laws you give these people for their own safety,  the more they complain.   ..

i am not sure if they managed to get deep undercover,  but they did get aerial photos and a layout of the place,  as well as thirteen well- armed men.  Quite a party for just one baby deer…..i don’t think JFK was given this much attention.  Perhaps this fawn was no Bambi…… Was this baby deer a secret agent brought in by CIA or Mossad?  The permit could very easily be a cover story…..this was a take down. Psychopathic Alpha Males versus Bambi…..is that a fair fight?  It actually seems very abusive and gratuitously violent.

The Truth is quite often sicker than Fiction……the plan was to capture the animal, euthanize it and then kill it…..and just to add to the ferocious image it never had,  the deer’s name was Giggles.  Yes,  Giggles.  Now if all this seems to have been a needlessly brutal act,  i assure you it was.

The War Room before the Operation:  

“Gentleman,  i have gathered you all together because you are the elite of the elite.  You represent the most brutal, vicious, and sick bastards i know…..and that’s including my ex-wife.   And you will need all of your skills,  gentlemen,  this is no picnic i can assure you.  Our target?”

Flashes a picture of Bambi on the screen…..

“Is there something funny,  Kowalski?”

“No, Sir!”

“Does this picture of a baby fawn amuse you in some way?”

“No, Sir!”

“Are you aware of how many good men that baby deer has taken out?   That fawn is a weapon’s expert,  that fawn would not hesitate to kill your mother,  do you understand me soldier?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“I pray that you do, son.  I’ve seen video of that baby deer ripping the throat out of a top assassin,  and that fawn enjoyed it.  He looked adorable as heck,  but he enjoyed it.  That fawn is a risk to our nation…….he must be disposed.  We,  gentlemen,  will be doing the disposing. Now, the name of our target is Giggles…..”

“Am i going to have to replace you,  Kowalski?”

“Sir,  no sir!”

“Are we all clear on our mission?  We enter, we grab the deer,  bag it,  drug it and kill it,  and we’re done.”

“But why bother to euthanize it before we kill it, sir?”

“Because, Kowalski, we are not savages,”


The predator here is Man,  with alpha male imprinted on their foreheads,  and his Ego and Fear will not allow for the existence of his predator……Man is the Fawn to some Predator,  this is as sure as any Cosmic Law, be they physical or thought forms or as yet unknown.    http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=44594             

So without skipping a beat on the gratuitous killing of beautiful animals i shall now seamlessly segue into the destruction of horses…..   welcome to Alice in Wonderland,  beginning with the Law allowing for the slaughtering of horses…..http://americanlivewire.com/courts-approved-horse-slaughterhouses-despite-protests/           The “Law” is a continuously growing list of what humans can and cannot do – finding myself as a free consciousness coming into awareness being told what i can and cannot do tells me that i am obviously a slave…..the Law itself is a form of crime – if i break the Law then armed men will lock me in a cage,  but we have all accepted this system,  this gestalt that is their playground,  their rules.  We have passively yet willingly engaged in and participated in the crime that is the Law imposed upon man,  

And along with Horses and Fawns let us not forget the most precious of living creatures,  Children.  This most disgusting inhumanity can be observed quite clearly in the foster care system just about anytime…..



Why do we allow the depraved, perverts of our Society to define what is Normal for us?

In addition to our revolting petri dish of a Culture informing those unwilling or unable to think for themselves on just how they should act and think,  the Psychiatric industry with their dangerous power over the Legal System is doing a fairly destructive job at it as well.

What better way to control people than to have the actual authority as experts to tell them how to think,  act,  and perceive reality?  This is done both psychologically, chemically,  and legally……Brilliant!

The Human Brain is obviously very complex,  and there are many, many interior and exterior factors affecting its function from emotions to the holistic view of mind/body and mind/earth,  and an incredible array in-between…..not to mention that in studying the behavior of the brain we are studying ourselves,  a difficult process in the least.  There are many theories on how all of these conceptual moving parts all work together,  but somehow they have it all figured out.   And Freud’s theory just like Darwin’s was chosen above all the rest,  unproven and illogical as they both are.  And yet both are referred to and taught as though they are absolute positives.  and this i am sure was for a reason.

Allow me to shift quickly to The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations,  http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwotavistockbestkeptsecret.shtml   the absolute premier influential social engineering group in the world,  and we see that at one time these guys gave Freud a castle to live in…….now anytime that someone gives someone else a gift like a castle,  i have to assume with all sensibilities in tact that they must have done something for the other person to deserve such a gift as a castle,  or that at the very least there is some sort of a relationship here that is very cozy.  Because castles are not given as gifts every day,  or even very often.   So when i hear that the leading mind benders of the world gave the father and creator of psychoanalysis a castle,  and knowing how powerful this field and its spider web of related fields such as pharma and others are,  i get rightfully suspicious.

Now another great way to impress and influence sad and weak minds is to present a fraudulent survey,  just like Alfred Kinsey did.   You can lie,  essentially intimating ideas that the sponge-bob consciousness will hedonistically and willingly soak up,   Such as,  “Hey,  did you know most guys do this disgusting and depraved act?  It’s not that weird,  everybody does it”……using that kind of playground psychology.   And that is sadly more effective than you would think.  

And again and again in my deconstruction of what is behind the dehumanization in our culture i find pedophelia,  the Sickness that Society accepts by ignoring it…..the worst thing a human can do to the best of the humans we have,  the helpless and innocent ones…..this violates every law across the spiritual board,  and once again these perverts are in a position of power and control……this in itself i feel must mean something,  in terms of Evil and who is running this Planet……

Also notice the Time Magazine cover of Kinsey the Perverted,  the cover of Time itself being an authoritative trigger for the Well Trained Human –  all the Controls work in tandem to push this mass agenda of disruption on what should be a very simple and peaceful life…..

A superb interview with Dr. Judy Reisman:


And a superb two-part article from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon:



Also by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon: