We do not hear about mutilated cows, crop circles and UFO sightings as often as they occur,  nor with the degree of seriousness and interest they deserve.  So right off,  the reality of the situation does not  greatly affect the consciousness of the public if it even enters its awareness at all.  But there is something going on here,  whether or not it is the common and seemingly apparent rationalization of Satanic Ritual,  or the more appealing Alien/Secret Government theories…..and who is to say that these are the only explanations possible?  But the facts are always these:  There is always precise surgical activity as well as an obvious talent at avoiding detection.   In addition there is the consideration of the  entire Ritual/Procedure being conceived and carried out in the first place,  always ending with the death and physical abuse of a living creature – Certainly these elements suggest something curious, anomalous and intentional being achieved by  unknown entities.   Without a doubt this should be investigated more intensely than it is and the people should be made more aware of what is happening than they are.   Why this isn’t happening becomes another suspicious element in the crime. 

So what would these elements suggest?  There is a purpose to this act,  as specific organs are being removed.   There is a reason for everything that is done and how it is done.   It is also performed with a high degree of intelligence and purpose,  and i would imagine some sort of organization.   The perpetrators also have access to advanced tools,  that must at the very least be battery operated as there are not many electrical outlets to be found in a field of cows…….

i would imagine that anyone this interested in something within the cow would want and could also very easily procure their own cows and thus have an endless supply… there a reason they cannot accomplish this,  or does it have something to do with a particular cow or one who exists only on certain farmland in the ecological matrix?


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