Why do we allow the depraved, perverts of our Society to define what is Normal for us?

In addition to our revolting petri dish of a Culture informing those unwilling or unable to think for themselves on just how they should act and think,  the Psychiatric industry with their dangerous power over the Legal System is doing a fairly destructive job at it as well.

What better way to control people than to have the actual authority as experts to tell them how to think,  act,  and perceive reality?  This is done both psychologically, chemically,  and legally……Brilliant!

The Human Brain is obviously very complex,  and there are many, many interior and exterior factors affecting its function from emotions to the holistic view of mind/body and mind/earth,  and an incredible array in-between…..not to mention that in studying the behavior of the brain we are studying ourselves,  a difficult process in the least.  There are many theories on how all of these conceptual moving parts all work together,  but somehow they have it all figured out.   And Freud’s theory just like Darwin’s was chosen above all the rest,  unproven and illogical as they both are.  And yet both are referred to and taught as though they are absolute positives.  and this i am sure was for a reason.

Allow me to shift quickly to The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations,   the absolute premier influential social engineering group in the world,  and we see that at one time these guys gave Freud a castle to live in…….now anytime that someone gives someone else a gift like a castle,  i have to assume with all sensibilities in tact that they must have done something for the other person to deserve such a gift as a castle,  or that at the very least there is some sort of a relationship here that is very cozy.  Because castles are not given as gifts every day,  or even very often.   So when i hear that the leading mind benders of the world gave the father and creator of psychoanalysis a castle,  and knowing how powerful this field and its spider web of related fields such as pharma and others are,  i get rightfully suspicious.

Now another great way to impress and influence sad and weak minds is to present a fraudulent survey,  just like Alfred Kinsey did.   You can lie,  essentially intimating ideas that the sponge-bob consciousness will hedonistically and willingly soak up,   Such as,  “Hey,  did you know most guys do this disgusting and depraved act?  It’s not that weird,  everybody does it”……using that kind of playground psychology.   And that is sadly more effective than you would think.  

And again and again in my deconstruction of what is behind the dehumanization in our culture i find pedophelia,  the Sickness that Society accepts by ignoring it…..the worst thing a human can do to the best of the humans we have,  the helpless and innocent ones…..this violates every law across the spiritual board,  and once again these perverts are in a position of power and control……this in itself i feel must mean something,  in terms of Evil and who is running this Planet……

Also notice the Time Magazine cover of Kinsey the Perverted,  the cover of Time itself being an authoritative trigger for the Well Trained Human –  all the Controls work in tandem to push this mass agenda of disruption on what should be a very simple and peaceful life…..

A superb interview with Dr. Judy Reisman:

And a superb two-part article from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon:

Also by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon:


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