They never told us Oppenheimer was a Psychopath……and i realize that i use that word a lot,  but when they stop making ’em i’ll stop writing about ’em…..

Because it turns out that Mr. Manhattan Project himself,  Robert J. Oppenheimer,  actually committed three attempted murders in his young, genius protected life,  and one time he even asked a friend if they would adopt his baby girl –  “Why?”  asked the friend wisely……”because i can’t love her”  was his matter-of-fact reply………..say say what what???   That is the perfect example of lack of Empathy.  Why is there always a Psychopath behind everything that affects our lives?  Because obviously anyone who would want to give away their baby girl with zero emotion must surely qualify as Psychopathic,  not to mention those three casual murder attempts where he was saved by his family and his intellect…..

So it makes complete sense that the United States Government would tell this man that they will supply him with all the resources he needs to build the biggest,  sickest bomb the Planet has ever seen.  

After all,  if you want to build a device that will do as much destruction to Humanity as possible,  you obviously want to get an emotionless person who has tried to kill humans before,  one who doesn’t even want or care about their own baby girl…..

Remember,  when they went to test the Atomic Satanic Bomb, there were many scientists present who felt it was very probable that the chain reaction created could very well keep going and destroy the planet entirely……AND THEY STILL TESTED IT!  These are the people in charge,  folks…..  

( And Society views ME as a weirdo…. )



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