i was very happy to read that Israel has decided to stop adding Flouride to their water supply…..this greatly benefits the health of the Israeli’s,  and it is very rare and refreshing to see any government respond and react in favor of their people.  America,  on the other hand,  remains resilient in what appears to be an intentional desire to overtly poison its population by adding this proven toxic and mentally debilitating chemical to over 50% of the water supply…….and just to add ignorance to injury our  “health professionals”  tell us to drink up to 8 glasses a day!  Yes Virginia,  they ARE trying to kill you……,

And while we are on the topic of Nature being perverted and distorted by Man and Science,  here is a great explanation of GMO’s. Genetically Modified Organisms,  whose very description alone should make one consider just exactly what is occurring here…..after all,  if we consider Nature to be favored in any metaphysical way by God,  or perhaps considered as the Template which God has designed,  at the very least a major part of His Creation,  then who do we really think we are to be modifying this by Ego alone?  Could we say that by reprogramming Nature one would be attempting to imitate or even be God?  This is what Lucifer desires,  is it not?    And as all is interactive and connected in this Reality,  and it does affect nearby crops,  it is reprogramming us as well,  and to be sure it will be negative,  but is it intentional or idiocy?…..( Here’s a hint –  it’s intentional )

Continuing with Nature being perverted and distorted i give you Miley Cyrus…..

For leading young girls down the path of whoredom and away from the Feminine Essence of the Goddess i give her the “dumb broad”  of the year award,  and there is always very heavy competition for this award,  believe me…..

First,  allow me to explain just what a very clever attack on the culture she is.  i used to stay at house where there were children who would watch her program,   Disney’s  Hannah Montana,   so i am actually very familiar with her and her show.   And guess what?  Much like the first taste of heroin is free,  the show was not bad from a slutty perspective…….idiotic,  yes…vapid,  yes….and while there was other behavioral modification going on,  slutty, no.  Her father in real life plays her dad in the show,  and the southern good family image is not pushed but it is very present,  much like the deceptive Disney name which makes every mother feel comfortable when in actuality it should ring alarm bells like a swastika would……

And then we get this………

Before i begin grammatically slapping Miley Cyrus in the brain……

A quick anecdote on how deceptive acclimation can be,  and why i believe awareness in this area is very key.  i had stopped eating McDonald’s and Burger King for the obvious reasons of the chemicals they put into the food,  the growth hormones etc, and because it is complete poison in many ways…..and since we get energy from food,  there is an amazing transference here,  when the animal being caged is in great fear, pain and anxiety when it is tortured and killed,  that is the energy that is passed along to you,  the consumer……that doesn’t mean that you will feel instantly scared after eating a hamburger,  but that negative emotional energy is most surely passed on to you.  So recently i did have a great craving for this stuff,  which in itself i would like to examine,  and i broke down and had some.  Now i used to eat 3 or 4 of these nasty things easily,  but now i couldn’t get even half way through because  it tasted like someone had dumped a pile of salt on it,  which essentially they did……but why had i never noticed this before?  Acclimation,  by getting used to it….i was amazed at how disgustingly salty this tasted and how it had never bothered me before.  And for someone who loves their coffee sweet i couldn’t even drink the milkshake it was so sugary……so now let’s transfer this concept to culture and ideas……what else are we used to and accept in Society that is truly disgusting when we look at it?   Well,  quite a bit actually.

Now,  i cannot say whether Miss Cyrus is being manipulated or not and if so to what degree – my guess would be most definitely she is the current of a long line of the MK Ultra style,  from blonde Marilyn Monroe to blonde Britney Spears.   or if she chooses to lead young girls down the path of whoredom away from the Goddess Essence of Woman with her own Free Will which would be far worse.

But after gaining a tremendous following of young girls and the trust of dumb mothers everywhere,  she drops the bomb.   What are these young, impressionable girls to think after growing up with the sweet Hannah now?

Behavioral Modification in action…….

For a very insightful view,  as always,  into Miley’s Mind-Controlled Slut Show:


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