These ominous words came from a Militarized Gang with a battering ram who forcibly kidnapped four children from their loving and horrified parents.

It was the Police,  of course,  acting this time on behalf of the State School System.

You see,  if their intent was NOT the Control and Indoctrination of our Children,  they would of course not act like this.  Their aggressive,  completely out-of-bounds reaction tells us all.

World Wide Oppression of the Human Spirit marches on,  aided overtly by self-titled Democratic Countries and covertly by all Peoples, whose silence and acquiescence condones and permits this Spiritual Genocide.

This happened in Germany,  but here in America we also have been trained to perceive the Educational System  ( pause for sardonic laughter )  as one of the many great advantages to living in such a great,  free Country  ( pause for additional sardonic laughter )…..where every child regardless of race or background will be educated for free…..isn’t that considerate of an otherwise ruthless Government?  But that is just how the idea is sold to us.   Because in reality we really should be thinking,  “Holy Shite,  the State, which has proven time and again their incompetence and penchant for control and destruction of any and all Spirituality,  has my Child all day long from Kindergarten unti the age of 16…..”

Let us reflect upon that for a moment.   While true that it isn’t ALL day,  just most of it,  and while they do have the summer off,  this is an inordinate amount of consistent time over the entire young life of a growing person…….do you think there is enough time for some Behavioral Modification to be accomplished here?  i think there is more than enough time.

i wish i could figure out the numbers,  but certainly a child grows up under the influence of the School System far, far more than their parents,  both time-wise and idea-wise.   And the more i consider this,  the more i realize just how much time AND control they have with our Children.

And the rest of the day the Television has them…..

i never really saw the logic to the argument of removing prayer from school…….what group could possibly have had a problem with this? Who was the complainant in this matter?   Prayer has a zero potential of hurting anyone.  So when i see someone insistent on banning something like prayer that only benefits and will never hurt,  i know exactly what they are up to…..it is not about protecting other kids feelings or religious sensitivity…..it is obviously about control and indoctrination.   Because really,  what is going to happen when they grow up and see a Temple or a Mosque?  The idea that praying could possibly hurt anyone else is ludicrous both in its conception AND its acceptance.   After all,  every child can pray…..the Christian kids,  the Jewish kids and the Muslim kids.  What’s wrong with that?  The Atheist kids can pick their nose or play games on their hand-held whatever kids are hand holding these days…..but OK,  maybe some religions or families need certain accoutrements and surroundings,  so i’ll let that slide for now….

But isn’t it curious that they are so insistent on no prayer,  and yet at the same time very insistent on implanting the idea in children that we come from monkeys?  They worked so hard to get prayer out,  and so hard to get monkeys in…..

Why is it,  do you think,  that Darwin’s Theory IS being taught?  This Theory is unproven,  being a Theory,  now why would they teach something to children in school that is not even proven?  Why would they fight so hard in court to get the right to teach something to Children that has not even been prove?   Because if you want to kill a Child’s Spirit and make them feel worthless,  especially at such a young age when they are easily indoctrinated,  and teachers and school unfortunatey mean the world to them,  very simply take away the idea that they were created by a God and have a Soul.   Tell them they came from monkeys!  That should dull the light of their Spirit,  especially when combined with added Flouride and some Pharmacological drugs…..and as an added bonus,  when you subtract God from the equation then the State becomes the next most powerful force in people’s lives.

And nothing goes better with a loss of God and Soul than a deeply implanted fear……a great example of the School System destroying a Child early is by instituting a lifetime of hidden fear with repetitive Mind-Control in cartoon form:

Even though this is old we can still learn how they operate…..this was clearly not done to instruct the children,  because as anyone will tell you HIDING UNDER A DESK OR PUTTING A COAT OVER YOUR HEAD WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM AN ATOMIC BOMB……  Why the hell else traumatize young impressionable Children with vivid descriptions and film of horrible bomb blasts?  Thus it was done for one reason –  to instill FEAR……Fear takes the body’s attention away from Spirituality,  and gives the Evil Entities what is essentially their food and drugs.  It also puts the traumatized child in obeisance to the authority they believe will protect them.   Pay very close attention to the narrator and how absolutely SICK this is…….the current fears they are instilling are of course about terrorism, and saving the Earth,  which every Child can identify with,  and this will be used later in their lives to justify taking from them or controlling resources  such as water, food and energy.

Time and time again study after study has shown that Children who study and play Music immensely improves both their Math and English skills,  as well as much else in the Body and Mind.   Not surprisingly,  Music being Spiritual it will certainly uplift the Human…..so what are they consistently removing from the schools?  Music, of course.   And yet what do they keep and promote?  Football,  the violent,  competitive,  war scenario game of the alpha male psychopaths…..

We have gotten so used to being told what to do it is sickening…..we can’t even walk across the damn street without the permission of flashing lights and signs telling us how to do it,  they train us at the airports to submit to fear and insane, unnaceptable man handling,  cops shut down little girl lemonade stands and militaristically raid a raw milk farm,  driving over the speed limit or not putting on the blinker is not a reason to be pulled over and harrassed,  WE ARE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS WE CAN TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES……and THERE IS NO MAN-MADE LAW NOR ORGANIZATION WHO HAS ANY HIGHER AUTHORITY OVER A CHILD OTHER THAN THE PARENTS END OF STORY

Most parents or single parents unfortunately depend on the school as a form of daycare,  as the economy and split families cause the need for work…..but if a parent wants to home-school i not only support it,  i highly recommend it.  When they are not brain washing they are not even teaching proper lessons anyway.

An attack on individuality,  spirituality,  and a lifelong indoctrination of the state’s ideas for future well trained humans…..( just pause )


And since this occurred in Germany,  i thought it interesting to mention this other article……so good job and congratulations to Germany,  for Nazi-like behavior in taking children from their homes,  but yet are so considerate and thoughtful in making sure that a  “third gender”  gets recognized……YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR ACTIONS:


And an excellent article by Andrew Gavin Marshall of The People’s Voice . Org that i came across post-this writing that is a superb break-down of Education’s history and purpose:



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