Here is some staggering and enlightening information which i have condensed from the fantastic research of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book the “The Biology of Belief”  which will open up your understanding of how we Think and Process Information…..

Dr. Lipton presents this information within the context of Health,  and without a doubt if you or a loved one is suffering from any disease or disorder these observations will absolutely be of service and interest.

However,  i could not help noticing how this research also explains quite a bit about how Mind Control and Manipulation are actually very easily perpetrated upon us…..

The insidious implications of this are really quite insane which you will see….

Are you ready?

Here we go…..


i’ll give you a second to take that in…..

Now the Subconscious is a Computer-Like Matrix Storehouse of absolutely everything we have seen,  heard,  felt or experienced EVER….it records absolutely EVERYTHING AND ALL ITS DETAILS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT AFFECTED EVERY CELL,  a complete record of our Experiences which our Conscious Mind in no way could come close to remembering as it would be Information Overload and we would naturally go insane.

In other words,  every detail of every Television Image,  every Movie,  everything we experienced growing up at home and in school and at play,  every lie or twisted concept we have read or heard,  ALL OF IT has been recorded in every single detail,  and here is the kicker,  folks……

Regardless of how we feel about the Event,  whether we Consciously consider it right or wrong or Good or Evil,


And so this later becomes what we believe to be our Conscious Thoughts…..

Are you digging the implications of this?

But wait,  there’s more!

It turns out that the brains of Children aged 2-6  ( and even before and after but slightly different )  are in a Theta-Wave State…..

Our Brains enter a Theta Wave State when we are being Hypnotized……so Children are in a natural state of hypnosis,  and this is what accounts for their ability to download the vast amounts of information that they need from the world around them……

You probably see where i am going with this….

So what do we do with our Hypnotized Children?  We them send to the State Indoctrinating Schools for the duration of their entire youth,  and we place them in front of the Television,  where disgusting, immoral images, violence and fear, and behavior modifying ideas and lies are downloaded and imprinted on to their Subconscious without any Moral reference to what is Good or Evil……

This is why Television shows are called Programs,  or Programming…..get it?  It is because the Controllers of these Images need,  as always, the permission of your Free Will before they commit these Evil acts, which will be the topic of another Time….it is the same reason why soldiers wear DOG tags and must go through TRAINING…..and why it is referred to as CULTURE,  which is a dish of bacteria that is being experimented upon…..

Now this does not mean that we are all semi-conscious, immoral zombies…..we do Control our actions and thoughts,  it is just that they are mostly based upon what Society has dumped in there,  with all the more reason for critical and Spiritual thinking,


As for De-programming the Subconscious of all Negativity,  i am currently attempting to figure that out,  and will of course pass on what i learn as soon as i do….


( and that is from my Heart,  not my Subconscious )




As there is so much in our Reality that we are not familiar with,  and as the news is coming out fast and furious daily,  i didn’t want anyone to miss any articles,  photos or videos that they might be interested in.    So i did a link list of varying topics and articles that hopefully will inform, interest and help you……and as always,  as you should with everything in life,  keep an open mind and let no one influence or decide anything for you.   Alex Jones couldn’t have said it better by using the phrase  “Information Wars”.   i tell you the truth when i say that i do not have all the answers nor do i have any agenda,   but rather look non-objectively for Truth and decent treatment of All Human Beings and All Life.   i do not believe that this is asking too much.

——————————————————————————-OUT IN SPACE ———————————————————————————————————

Hubble discovers a huge cloud of gas one light year long,  which is collapsing under its own weight into what may become a star…….

Some amazing pictures from the Mars Rover that show some truly unexplainable looking creatures and structures………

It is so true that the Mysterious Sirius does appear repeatedly through history……….

Clear NASA photos and a Video of a UFO………….

And a nice rundown on last month’s UFO sightings:


i knew time was speeding up,  that’s why i’m always late………strange to consider this and its implications,  but who is to say this is impossible?

—————————————————————————–MEANWHILE,  BACK ON EARTH———————————————————————————–

West of New Guinea a new species of walking shark has been discovered,  very cool video……

And a 466 mile underground canyon beneath Greenlands ice,  which raises the Hollow Earth Theory in my mind again…….

Check out this picture,  which resembles a Crop Circle in its intricate geometry.  And it was made by a puffer fish!   Perhaps Crop Circles are being created by animals invisible to us,  slightly differing from the E.T. Theory…….

Yes i believe Radio Waves have an impact on Agriculture,  as well as all living beings……..

—————————————————————–AND NOW SOME FUN WITH CHEMICALS———————————————————————————

Despite Vaccines being clearly linked with negatively impacting Humans,  they are not only being over used they are being PUSHED HARD.  Dirty tricks to get moms to Vaccinate their children……

More on targeting Children with needles full of God-knows-what……….

And speaking of Biological Warfare,   here’s a little history of germ warfare committed by the United States beginning with the infected blankets so generously given to the American Indians………

Even Home Gardeners may be getting unwanted pesticides…………..

Photos and a Video of GMO damage………

Some natural cures for lung cancer and Mesothelioma…….

And for Alzheimers as well……..

The mental and physical pollution they inundate us with may possibly be the cause of insane behavior such as in this Video…….

Don’t always trust bottled water,  like the sneaky Mio water from Kraft………..

More on the deceptions of bottled water……….

—————————————————————WAR AND OTHER PERVERSIONS THAT WE ACCEPT——————————————————————-

Is Syria just another in a long historical line of Rothschild Wars that destroy young men on both sides in a hellish horrorshow without benefit to our Country?   Rothschild did say that if his sons did not want war there would be none,  so…….

As i am always going on about the militarized monkeys who lock us in cages…….

Television Star of  “Coronation Street”  caught committing perverted rape,  but this is natural for our culture now……

———————————————————————–A BLAST FROM THE PAST————————————————————————————————-

General Eisenhower and later to be President Eisenhower genocides 1.7 million German POW’s  AFTER the war……….

peace to all



It is so beautiful to see Roseanne Barr aware and speaking out about and against the Mind Control which exists everywhere but runs rampant in Hollywood……it’s a tough subject to accept,  and even tougher to believe the insane Satanic actions that govern our beloved Hollywood and performers.   But do not let this or any other subject fall into the conspiracy category,  a word whose meaning has been reshaped by these very Controllers in order to dismiss and obscure the real Reality we are not being shown right in front of us.

The first Video is of Roseanne speaking with RT on the subject,  and a link to the article from IntelliHub.   The second Video is of Fritz Springmeir,  the accomplished researcher  who very early on detailed all the true yet surreal evidence on Mind Control,  how it is accomplished and what it is used for.  It is deep,  fascinating material,  yet dark in its implications and extremely sad for the victims…..

And remember,  although you yourself may not be a direct victim of it,  thankfully,  we are all continually subjected to this same type of psychological and magickal attacks from Hollywood,  the performers and the Media…….

The IntelliHub link:

Here is Fritz Springmeir with a detailed explanation of Mind Control:


ab·surd  (b-sûrd, -zûrd)


1. Ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable. See Synonyms at foolish.
2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or value in human life or in the universe.
3. Of or relating to absurdism or the absurd.

The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people’s lives have no purpose or meaning.

Absurd as it may appear,  or perhaps not if you are accustomed to existing within this Alice In Wonderland Puppet-Show,  the chemical weapons supposedly dropped on the Syrians by who knows who are known as potassium flouride and sodium flouride.   Yet these are the chemicals which the U.S.  and other governments dose their water supply with.  that are also put in water for nursery children to be sold in Walgreen’s and elsewhere,  they hide quietly everyday in our toothpaste,  and this is also the ingredient which makes Prozac so cool……. Mike Adams from Natural News explains it all:

While we are on the unfortunate topic of Syria and the seemingly planned and desired invasion ( as usual ) here are some articles which i hope may help guide us through the lies and chaos……

The informed and balanced Corbett Report Video and Article:

Britain approved the sale of chemical weapons to Syria AFTER civil unrest,  which sounds as though this was clearly planned:

Is this another Puppet-Show performance?

An analysis:

A critique of the Puppet-Show: