It is so beautiful to see Roseanne Barr aware and speaking out about and against the Mind Control which exists everywhere but runs rampant in Hollywood……it’s a tough subject to accept,  and even tougher to believe the insane Satanic actions that govern our beloved Hollywood and performers.   But do not let this or any other subject fall into the conspiracy category,  a word whose meaning has been reshaped by these very Controllers in order to dismiss and obscure the real Reality we are not being shown right in front of us.

The first Video is of Roseanne speaking with RT on the subject,  and a link to the article from IntelliHub.   The second Video is of Fritz Springmeir,  the accomplished researcher  who very early on detailed all the true yet surreal evidence on Mind Control,  how it is accomplished and what it is used for.  It is deep,  fascinating material,  yet dark in its implications and extremely sad for the victims…..

And remember,  although you yourself may not be a direct victim of it,  thankfully,  we are all continually subjected to this same type of psychological and magickal attacks from Hollywood,  the performers and the Media…….

The IntelliHub link:

Here is Fritz Springmeir with a detailed explanation of Mind Control:


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