Once upon a time at the Dinner Table of Life a group of Human Beings were sitting around laughing and conversing and enjoying each other’s company until someone, quite innocently and quite by accident,  spilled their drink…..there came an immediate pause in the conversation and laughter but rather than filling the glass and continuing on a very strong suggestion was made by the more insecure and controlling of the group and all present brightly agreed that to avoid any future disruptions and interruptions to the conversation and laughter a rule should be enacted whereby everyone must hold the glass in a certain manner prescribed thereby eliminating the possibility that a glass would be spilled again, thus preventing any future interrupting and disruption of the conversation.  And so the conversation and laughter resumed,  although with a slightly diminished sense of energy as the rhythm had been affected but all were having a good time.  But it was not long before someone spilled another glass.  At this time it was decided that since the prior measure had not been entirely effective perhaps a particular way of ingesting the liquid might be employed,  and immediately suggestions of bowls with straws and funny, sticky gloves were battered around until they finally agreed upon the invention of a particular and specific glass,  later to be referred to in the vernacular as an idiot glass,  which would aid in the process of holding said glass properly and securely and so from that moment on everyone would be required to use this idiot glass in addition to holding it in the prescribed manner described with the hope that another glass would not be spilled and the conversation and laughter would therefore not be interrupted.  And so the conversation resumed with markedly less laughter but enjoyable all the same until eventually at some point someone did manage, as is the nature of all things human,  to spill their glass.  As the other measures were apparently ineffective it was decided that a more serious employment of regulation was needed and it was suggested by the insecure and controlling kind that perhaps some of those at the Dinner Table of Life were not as physically capable of performing the act of drinking as others and so it was determined that only those who were physically more capable in the ways of holding and drinking from a glass should be allowed to drink from a glass and so a test was designed for the very purpose of determining this very thing, for the benefit of all of course, to determine the capability of those who wished to  hold a glass.  And so eventually permits were given to those approved capable and thus only those with a permit to drink from a glass could drink as long as it was from an idiot glass and held in the prescribed manner described. The conversation at the dinner table of life continued although it was noticed that those without glasses,  indeed those without permits were a little less inclined toward laughter and more hesitant at joining in… in fact a general malaise had overcome all, but it was a nice conversation all the same and there was occasional joviality to be had and of course it was not long before another glass was spilled.  The general feeling and energy now had morphed into one of frustration and the general impression was that until this glass spilling situation was resolved once and for all there was no way the conversation and laughter could return to its original energy and height.  In fact now there were even side conversations regarding the resolution of spilling a glass as well as an angrier tinge to the talks,  both of which had never occurred before at the Dinner Table of Life.  Being serious about this and determined to find a process whereby everyone would be laughing again it was then decided that a waiter, nanny,  or security type person would be hired to directly assist those with permits who were allowed to drink with the physical act of drinking as long as they used an idiot glass and as long as it was held in the prescribed manner described in order to prevent the further spilling of glasses and the interruption of the laughter and conversation.  Well, being Human it was natural that a glass would still and eventually be spilled,  and so it did indeed come to pass,  and as nothing was working and as the conversation had long ago been shattered and the laughter had become an echo,  in frustration and futility and with a desperate longing for the conversation and laughter they so enjoyed at the beginning it was suggested by the insecure and controlling kind and agreed to by the others as a final solution that no one should be allowed to drink anything at all from any glasses whatsoever.  In this way there would be no further distractions and interruptions to the conversation and laughter either from the spilling of glasses or the attempted resolution thereof,  and surely the laughter would resume even it must be somehow insisted upon.  The rule was meekly agreed upon with much mumbling and so the conversation resumed although barely and sparsely,  but this time there was no laughter to be had at all,  and the talk was minimal and plodded along in this way for a while but eventually it was not long before one by one those sitting at the Dinner Table of Life began to get up sadly and leave,  until there was only one,  sole remaining Human sitting all alone at the Dinner Table of Life….the insecure, controlling kind.

In real life we cannot just get up and leave… just re-fill your glasses and keep on laughing and conversing and enjoying each other’s company.




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