But it does NOT HAVE TO BE the future – the parents,  the people,  it is our Free Will which must always consent, in some manner, to everything……

The word  “Conspiracy”,  like many other words,  is used to influence people’s perceptions of a certain thing….so when the word  “Conspiracy” is used to describe something people automatically don’t believe it could be true,  they immediately believe it belongs on the cover of the National Enquirer.  The word itself doesn’t even have to be used;  just the suggestion is enough for intelligent people to dismiss it.  

For example,  if i told you that Corporations and the Government had already designed and are currently implementing the most insane, insidious, science-fiction-like control over our Children and the Educational System this Planet has seen,  you might be inclined to call it a Conspiracy.  In fact,  one man who actually works in Education truly believed Glenn Beck was in fact distributing a Conspiracy Theory.  That’s how much he couldn’t believe it!  It is that unbelievable.  

Even if you do not have Children this should be of interest to everyone….the futuristic audacity and implementation of control is so extreme it is frightening that they would even attempt this,  especially upon our Children:

The article from the Activist Post:





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