Civilization is defined as beginning when the Nomads ceased following the animals and the sun and instead suddenly established out of nowhere the concept of the “farm”.  This consisted of planting, crop rotation, keeping animals and animal husbandry.  In other words,  the subjugation of Nature.   So Civilization is therefore the controlling of Nature,  and whereas Humans are themselves Nature i cannot imagine that this will end too well.  And as laws and technology increase in frequency and power so does the de-humanizing element in society.

Everything we do in our Society is designed to push Nature away or destroy Her, and i don’t believe this is purely out of negligence or greed,  this has Demonic origins…..From poisoning the air and water at a frightful rate a la BP and Fukishima,  the obscene amount of chemicals in our food,  genetically modifying the food away from its natural state because apparently they can improve upon what the Creator has done, every attempt to keep the Sun from touching our bodies with sun-block on our skin and sun glasses on our eyes when the Sun enacts Vitamin D in your body and activates your Pineal Gland,  the mass cutting down of trees which destroys more life than just a tree and trees and plants are indeed Conscious,  paving over the Mother Earth which is also Conscious wherever and whenever possible, we now consider the drinking of milk that comes straight from a cow  weird and unhealthy when THIS is the natural process which has been done for 20,000 years,   assembly line vaccinated hospital births and millions of live Entities being removed from the womb of their Mother…..and we can clearly see the manifestation of going to war with Nature,  the evidence of psychic sickness in our culture with what Hollywood and the Music Industry put out – what we as a culture have been acclimated to over time and have been conditioned to accept when looked at objectively is positively disgusting……and of course let’s not overlook the insane amount of sexual abuse of all kinds against just about everyone,  the continual and world-wide wars and genocide in addition to the seeming impossibility of being able to feed even a decent percentage of the population……..

The Alpha-Male,  Patriarchal, Psychopathic, Hierarchical, Ego, Control essence has been running the Planet for 20,000 years and i just don’t think that it’s working.

Economics,  the Law,  all aspects of Civilization are in reality very simple to execute only they are intentionally made to complicated and difficult in order to achieve what they always aim for – the implementation of control and fear and the subjugation of Spirituality.

i cannot help thinking of the Amish –  whenever they need to build a house they simply all get together and build an excellent house ( the Amish know how to build ) – FOR FREE….and then they all go back to their individual lives.  Yet in our Society we somehow require a construction company,  building codes,  housing permits,  zoning, unions,  wages,  taxes and coffee breaks… is all contrived and unnecessary,  designed as always to control and to take Power and Spirituality away from the people.  Anyone who attempts to defend the necessity of these things is really just protecting the labyrinth of useless behavior ingrained into us because of Fear.   The Ancient Books on Magick were written in this very manner,  intentionally confusing and misleading the reader in order to keep the initiates and acolytes bored or thinking it was too complicated.  In fact it is all very simple… For example,  if the Justice System is indeed for the purpose of providing Justice to the people,  why do the proceedings that affect us take place in a language that we do not understand?  Immediately upon entering a Court Room the Power is stripped away from us by this element alone……and then there are the numerous, superfluous, contrived laws which we are all blissfully unaware of – ask yourself if you have ever felt comfortable or even confident and secure within a court room setting….i know i haven’t.  How is that right or justice?  The answer is that it’s not,  and i believe it was never intended to be.  i don’t believe that Civilization was created BY Human Beings,  i believe that Civilization was created FOR Human Beings.  By other Entities who would seem to be Negative and Demonic based on the results…..

The Alien Problem is a reality,  whether it is the  “nuts and bolts” view of Aliens that the majority of the UFO community has,  or something along the Gnostic,  Gurdjieff,  Jungian or Jacque Vallee-type ideas where the interaction or even  “possession”  to stretch the meaning  occurs on a Consciousness level in some manner.  Either way it is a reality.  There have been a staggering amounts of witnesses and abductees,  and had each one of these people been on a witness stand their testimony could have sent a man to his death,  yet when they speak of Aliens their word means nothing and is ignored.  This is obviously more control,  but why and what are they scared of?  But the existence and purpose of both Extra-Terrestials and the Spirit World are real and very much ignored by our Society….most likely because they both provide answers to the Nature of our Existence,  and we are run by the Alpha-Male Element rather than the Feminine, Creative, Spiritual Essence….

The Hopi beliefs seem to contain an alchemy and knowledge of the Feminine Essence, the Spirit World,  and Extra-Terrestial Entities…..





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