“Our experience has shown that the public gets just as much, if not more, information about current events and important issues from their favorite television shows and characters as they do from the news media and online resources,” said Hollywood Health & Society’s Martin Kaplan in a statement today. “This grant will allow us to ensure that industry practitioners have up-to-date, relevant facts on health care reform to integrate into their storylines and projects.”

That is pretty sad and idiotic that people interpret Television in this manner,  and even worse is how the State wastes no time in finding a way to take advantage of it.

Welcome to State Run Television,  American style……You may not recognize it, of course, because you have been trained to believe that State Television must be like the Soviet T.V.  we were brain-washed to believe existed:  Shown only on one channel in grainy black and white with a heavily accented man in a military uniform insisting that the weather is sunny when you can see the rain pouring outside your window.  But what they are telling us here is that Governmental policies will now be injected into the context of their favorite show, ( called programs and programming by the way ) a very sly, seductive and devious way of indoctrinating and persuading the public to their Agenda.  Especially for those of the public who watch Television, those sorry saps who are at a disadvantage to begin with.

i apologize to all Television watchers for my blunt appraisal,  i really don’t mean to insult you as much as shock you into recognizing what an absolutely horrible device the T.V.  actually is…..and i would not even hesitate to consider it neglectful to allow a Child to absorb the intentional mind-control and preconceived garbage which they are perpetrating upon the unsuspecting public.

So just how effective could such programs be?  Let’s see – When Germany invaded Poland in 1939 Americans didn’t exactly take to the streets in outrage. They were primarily isolationist at this time,  it felt good to finally have a chance to relax,  as they were still recovering from a devastating and intentional market crash which screwed everything and everyone,  and the war that was supposed to end all wars, WWI was also a very clear memory of absolute hell and destruction, tens of millions dead because some idiot Archduke no one ever even heard of got shot.  But of course the Controllers wanted a war, so there was going to be one.  But you can’t put on a Puppet Show without Marionettes…..but how would they get the people into the spirit of killing?  Especially since they would be the ones in the mud getting their heads blown off,  and they make no money from arms sales or any political dealings.   How to convince someone to kill other human beings at the risk of getting killed themselves in a horrible environment for NO REASON WHATSOEVER?  That’s a tough sell.  Well, one of the major and most effective ways of manufacturing consent and influencing behavior and perception is through Hollywood and the movies.  The power of the moving image combined with people’s irrational cult idolatry of stars and story lines and they can actually MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE ANYTHING.  That is frightening to me.  i have so much respect for our abilities as Humans to think and feel that it is worrisome to me how movies can be designed for managing perceptions so effectively.   These movies used every psychological and magickal trick to influence Americans but mostly men that to be a man and a hero and an American and get the girl…….and the Nazi’s were the perfect Hollywood villains……they were pure evil, deviously brilliant, but most of all they had awesome uniforms.

Even illustrated images hold tremendous power.  Donald Duck sold more war bonds than anyone else,  human or otherwise – i can’t believe that a cartoon animal who was barely understood when he talked managed to get so many real live humans to invest in the Demonic Art of War – so to put it another way, cartoon animals with speech impediments can outsmart humans.

All those great war movies and actors created a palpable change…..Casablanca,  which means white house interestingly,  was practically an exact metaphor for the way Americans felt toward the war,  and Humphrey Bogart took every guy in America for a psy-op ride ending up with everyone wanting to fight the Germans by the end of the movie.  So we know that propaganda was used and it worked.  The Government worked hand in glove with Hollywood to perform behavioral modification on the public to change their attitude on how they felt about going to war.  Call it mind-control, propaganda or patriotism – the word only controls how you perceive it,  it does not change the reality of what occurred.

Does this powerful form of mind control which is being perpetrated unknowingly upon the people exist during peacetime?  You bet your ass it does.  The excuse being that people watch television and don’t pay attention to the news… this is how to sell an agenda to the masses.  Health Care is being placed gently into the hypnotic T.V.  dream of the watcher.  Culturally we have been mind raped for years, and now the Government is blatantly and openly going to “educate”  us in a far more devious and seductive way than just an annoying and illiterate advertisement.

Hold on tightly to your subconscious…..Reality T.V.  is now blurring and obscuring more than ever…..The possibilities are endless for the cognitive confusion and mental mayhem they can now create.  Television has always been a cancer but now it has become malignant.

And now back to your regular scheduled program…..


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