Why Sex Without Love Means You Think Nothing Of Yourself

Women, as well as men, feel validated by sex.  When someone has sex with them it makes them feel wanted, beautiful, and appealing.  Validated.  But if intelligent movies ( ha )  like American Pie have taught as anything it is what we have already known, and that is that most guys will stick their thing in anything.  So if there is no love involved, if it is just a  “no strings attached”  or a one night stand or a sex buddy,  then the Woman should only feel as special as an apple pie.  One should try to set the bar a little higher for themselves,  don’t you think?  For a Woman to feel validated or special just because a guy wants to have sex with her when there is no love and connection then the woman is deceiving herself terribly if she thinks for one minute that that means she is beautiful or appealing or wanted…..if she just wants to  “get off”  then fine,  but if she equates it with anything positive about herself she is sadly mistaken and quite deluded.  The guy ( consciously or not )  thinks of her as no better than an apple pie or worse ( i shall not get gross).  That is wrong and inconsiderate of the guy,  and it is self-deprecating and foolish of the Woman.  Personally i have more respect for Women than that,  and i would have thought that Women had more respect for themselves.  And the joke is that while Feminism has convinced many Women that this type of sexual behavior makes them independent and equal,  in reality it degrades them even further.  And speaking of Feminism intentionally working to degrade Women,  where are they when Miley Cyrus is teaching the young Women of the world how to be a slut?  Funny how we don’t hear them roar when these female artists are degrading themselves and Women…..

Another great gift from the Social Engineers of Feminism…..isn’t it ironic ( but not surprising ) that Feminism was actually designed by a group of men? 


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