So a popular and beloved African American woman who influences millions is saying that the African American president who has been elected TWICE is a victim of racism…..

Now why would Oprah suddenly be trying to convince us of this absurdity?

Well aside from the fact that no one will ever look at the Nobel Peace Prize the same way again,  Obama has also managed to disenchant both white AND black Americans.  While this has achieved a unique form of racial harmony in spite of himself and should be congratulated,  the fact remains that informed people are considerably disenchanted with their president.

The people ARE judging this man by the content of his character….and in doing so they have found quite a bit of questionable content and not a lot of character.    This content includes continuous mismanagement and numerous scandals that are emerging fast and furious….( sorry )

Quite simply Oprah’s job, when she isn’t steering blank eyed housewives into vaccinating their children with mercury and formaldehyde,  is to convince Americans and the world that the genuine dissatisfaction that the American people have with his actions is in fact due to racism.  This is Perception Management.  As there is no defense for his policies and scandals and the lies are no longer believed,  this misdirection is being employed by a trusted member of the American media as a pathetic means of excuse.

This obvious misdirection is insulting, insinuating that the American public is a racist bunch of yokels.  And using racism in this manner is an ugly psychological maneuver, especially from an African American woman.  It is shameful.  It is akin to crying rape when none has occurred…..a horrible insult to those who have actually been raped. 

So where is her evidence, what is the example that she uses as proof?  It is the time when politician Joe Wilson called Obama a liar during a speech…..is she really trying to say that one politician calling another politician a liar is racist?  That is her proof?  And to make Oprah look even more foolish,  it turns out that Joe Wilson was right!  How is anyone calling a politician a liar racist?  It isn’t.  In fact it should be done far more often than it is. It makes absolutely no sense,  so much so that I can’t help wondering if Oprah is attempting to insinuate that Obama should be above critique because he is black…. that would be a disgusting abuse of racism as well as immoral, so I do not believe that she would ever do that.   But where she has no logic or evidence to support her claims i must consider all possibilities….

So the example that she used with Joe Wilson was completely false and clearly not racist, but she goes right on ahead and uses it anyway.  Accusing the American people who voted for him TWICE as being racist is also false, as well as insulting…..this makes me very suspicious of her purse story.  Quite possibly she may feel that a little “white” lie to get across an important message is worth it.  After all, she is a huge television personality, which is all about being fake, insincere, and creating a false reality.  Nothing on television is real.  Blurring the lines of reality is natural for her.  It is her job.

Her alto-ego, Dr. Oz  ( notice the significance of the name Oz, a character who was in reality nothing but by using fakery gave the appearance of being powerful and thus demanded to be obeyed), came on her show to tell millions of wide eyed believers to use vaccines on themselves and their children.  Vaccines contain heavy metals and many other controversial ingredients and are being convincingly linked with autism, MS and many other nasty afflictions.  Women are the household consumers and decision makers.  This is horribly irresponsible on the part of both of these television tools.  And when Dr. Oz was asked later if he gave vaccines to his own children he clearly said  NO!  His revealing explanation was that at home he is not Doctor Oz he is Mister Oz….clearly stating that at home he is a father, a man, a human being and would therefore never subject his children to vaccines….but as Doctor Oz he is a puppet of the Medical Industry and bound to do their bidding and instruction without concern for Human welfare.

As a media personality Oprah is a puppet of another control system.  Her instructions here were to help deflect the valid disenchantment of the American people, protecting Obama from critique which his own actions clearly prove that he deserves.  And with this unfounded accusation and slander against the American people in tandem with her promotion of this movie “The Butler”, I have to question whether racial divisions are intentionally being exacerbated here. Divide and conquer is one of the biggest tools the Controllers have.  It keeps the people fighting among themselves and away from concentrating on the real Enemy.  Everything that happens happens for a reason and is socially engineered. 

At the very least Oprah is running interference for Obama, pathetically attempting to misdirect the people’s dissatisfaction away from his idiocy and on to his color.

Sorry, Oprah, i’m not buying this one.



Oprah’s audience is predominantly female, white, and over the age of 55. Nationally 7.4 million people watch Oprah daily — about 2.6% of American households. Four percent of American women (about 5.7 million) watch her daily, compared with 1.2% of men (1.7 million people). Overall, 2% of all 18- to 49-year-olds watch Oprah.

7.4 million watch Oprah daily. It was just stated in an article that was linking her power and influence with Obama’s.




Black Americans unhappy with Obama: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/03/22/congressional-black-caucus-is-unhappy-with-obama-s-cabinet-picks.html



Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar:



Obama Scandals:



Dr.Oz not giving his own children what he gets paid to give millions of your children:



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