Beware The Tearless ones, arrayed in silken nooses and the false vestments of the wicked priest, feigning the psychological distractions of the diamond crosses while wielding their psychiatric knowledge like a Wizard, sexual and sexy and empty they lead and push the naïve toward the primitive condition with a constant barrage of the negative from the authoratative empryrean heights, these are the New Idols, the creators of image and meme upon the well trained human, engaging the new capacitor, drawing upon our energetic emotions, the majesty of their lie having pervaded deep into the conscious efforts of even the best… grand deception encompassing the planet under a paper moon, all precious energy,  prayer and desire for a sadistic pagan god of war of whom the Christ is not Son, and on the invisible sigil for commerce by rule,  forcing need and want upon this demonic paper,  constant distractions and legalized child sacrifice,  imposing the emotional disconnect in a brilliant, subtle and soft attack….dehumanization is legal, dehumanization is entertainment, dehumanization is a game, dehumanization is law, dehumanization is desired, Humans are the negative battery and children are the new batter….the Savior is real but hidden fast and whose name has been perverted as well for they fear Him only, in this puppet show acted expertly by the well trained humans, non existent but for their want….

Beware the Tearless Ones, for emotion is the music of the Soul and those who cannot sing destroy; these are the empty- hearted controllers, who with ego and hierarchal pageantry have led the quiet lovers of song through a thousand years of pain and anxiety, the indigenous  tribes lay down before the empires, the desperately  faithful before the perverters of Christ, the innocent before the perverted, the design and construction are alien in nature and force.  The front page accomplishments of the Demonic Art, Women and Children burnt and ripped apart with the sadistic gravity of desire and excuse.

Beware the Tearless ones, the tortururses of nature, the twisters of the Gaian template. The human is closer to extinction than he thinks in the face of this invader of the consciousness, a demonic virus residing  patiently and hungrily within our etheric bodies and static, noisy minds, never acknowledged but misunderstood as natural, engineering the social tide with Luciferian ease, with sacred symbols cryptic to all but the sub- awareness.  We are their food, In thought and substance, flesh and blood is their breakfast.  As spirits captive in this unwieldly, fragile shell we have accepted this prison as life, this writhing as dancing, this screaming as singing, orchestrating us as a satanic symphony with dissonant  tones of the Soul for their addictive pleasure. 

Beware the Tearless Ones……


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