What the hell year is it?

Time doesn’t seem to move in the Puppet Show, just the actors and scenery.

i mean, i don’t even understand people sacrificing their babies 5,000 years ago, that’s no excuse.   Even an animal will do everything and anything to protect its young, so what kind of psychology and fear was used to get people to throw their children into the fire?  i swear Humans haven’t changed a bit, and i really have to blame anyone who allows someone else to control their Thoughts and Perceptions to such an extent.   And as for forcing people, those in Control haven’t changed a bit either…..

Just because we have i-phones doesn’t mean that we are not still acting like stupid monkeys.

Oh and sure,  Feminism really did quite a bit for Women, if they can be forcibly sedated and have a baby removed in the process.

At one time all the geniuses thought that the world was flat and that God wanted dead babies…..

Who’s writing this stuff?  Because unfortunately it is all real. 

We must steal the pen from authors…..

i question my sanity so often these days with stories like this in the news.