Welcome to our Brave New World as an 8 year old in Colorado was written up by his school for saying that a cloud looked like a gun.

So why is a child getting in trouble with his school for expressing that a CLOUD IN THE SKY looks like a gun?


To enforce early on the idea that freedom of thought will not be tolerated and will in fact be punished.

To make clear to children that you are being watched, observed, and evaluated at all times for social improprieties.

And to learn that imagination and expression are bad things.

Our Education System should be dismantled brick by brick in the same way they are dismantling the humanity of our children.

This is what the Controllers of our Society want, they always have and they are getting tighter in their control for now they are in your child’s head.  And the education system is one of the most influencial and nefarious ways of training a young Human Being to their socially engineered liking,  and this most certainly includes the universities and colleges as well.   No critical thinkers, no imagination, and for the love of God no Spirituality.  Train them young while their brains and personality are forming.

Children’s brains are specifically designed to soak up as much information  around them as possible for the obvious purpose  of learning as much as they can in preparation for adulthood.  Up to around the age of six or seven their brains are running in the Delta and Theta Wave Lengths most of the time,  which is a hypnotic state allowing for the downloading of huge amounts of information.

So what do we do?  We take these pure and ready for knowledge minds and place them in front of the television where rapidly flashing disgusting negative images and ideas are being intentionally and directly downloaded into these poor kids’ subconscious’ for future perversion and manipulation of their perceptions and behaviour.  And the rest of their day is spent at the State Indoctrination Center hilariously referred to as school where more negative perversions and cultural marxism is imbedded into these innocents. 

They are bending these future human adults with group think and by not bonding with their mother just by being in school.  This would be bad enough without the injection of Luciferian ideas like Sustainability and the acceptance and praising of homosexuality.   This is why Darwin’s unproven and increasingly pathetic theory of humans coming from monkeys is taught.  For the purpose of instilling in these growing children that there is no God, no Soul, they teach them while they are young that they are nothing and that they  come from monkeys.  For without God, community and family the State becomes the all- powerful father figure.  They even have that image of the monkey slowly evolving into a man posted everywhere in order to visually embed the idea.   And of course prayer is removed, using the false claim of  “separation of church and state”  which does not exist as a phrase or concept in our laws. The pilgrims came here to avoid this very religious persecution!  What the first amendment says , and notice that it is the first amendment because it was first on their minds,  is that the state should keep their psychopathic hands out of our religion, not that wherever there is a state institution religion cannot reside also.  What a tricky twist of what is an obvious intent.  Removal of prayer is clearly religious persecution,  but Christians have come to expect that in America.

So any form of Spirituality has been removed under the pretense that it does not belong in school when that is exactly where it belongs…..and quietly replaced with Cultural Marxist ideas.  They are nutritionally deprived in this kid jail, and now the imagination and freedom of thought is being punished.

The Education System was never designed to educate, and it was not put together by the Government or the people… was put together by groups like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation.  Their blatant desire from the beginning was to separate the child from the Church, the community and from the family…..and to make the child an obedient worker slave of the State.

Just what are your children really getting out of school anyway?

Save your children:  Remove them from school and remove the television from your home.


This excellent article by John Taylor Gatto is an absolute must read and details the history of the American Education System revealing how the Controllers of our Society perceive Humanity……as Human Resources to be molded and Socially Engineered for their purposes.

The real purpose of modern schooling was announced by the legendary sociologist Edward Roth in his manifesto of 1906 called SOCIAL CONTROL. Your librarian will easily be able to get a copy of this book. In it Roth wrote, (I am quoting) “plans are underway to replace family, community and church with propaganda, mass-media and education (of course he meant schooling)…people are only little plastic lumps of dough”.



In reaction to the Albuquerque town meeting take over, which really isn’t a take over as it is meant for the citizens in the first place, the state has proven that we are indeed living in a militaristic country.  

Their response should have been one of recognizing that the people are dissatisfied and taken steps to correct the situation.  Instead they have decided to increase security at the meetings and are prepared to keep the citizens in check in case of future disruptions.

This clearly delineates an us and them situation.  They are criminals, they protect criminals, and when the people respond they respond with more authority.

Logically the people have two choices.  Either continue to live under psychopathic rule that historically and by nature will become more and more controlling, or hold their ground and fight back.

And the longer the citizens of this country take the abuse the harder it will be to fight back when things become intolerable.

America is at a crossroads, and the choice we make as a people now will decide whether we return to what America should be, or become another China.

And if you don’t think it is possible for America to become like China, we are already well on the way.  Americans seem to believe that we have some magical protection that will forever keep us from being taken over.  Not true.  Every lock can be picked.

In fact we are already well on the way.



 In a tense but beautiful display of the true American spirit, the citizens of Albuquerque were finally pushed to the point of action by the usual useless bureaucratic lack of action and run around by the state in protecting abusers and abusive practices.

Disgusted with the behavior of their mayor and police chief they protested legally and quietly at a town council meeting, until the contrived and controlled political machine proved too frustrating and too reminiscent of the self installed self interested immoral state.  Suddenly the humanity in the people arose all at once, and the meeting turned into  the citizens taking over the meeting in the style originally designed by the creators of this country and our Constitution.

The accused and disgraced police chief was handed a citizens arrest summons which he shamefully refused to touch or acknowledge, and obviously scared he immediately got up and left the room.

In fact, all the council leaders abandoned their seats for what they called a break but it appeared more as though they were running away.   And in what should be a new trend across the country the people took the council members seats themselves!

Every town in America should follow this example and remove their politicians, every last useless one of them, and replace them with real, decent human beings. 

The council leader tried to explain over the noise and confusion that they cannot address these issues if there is no order.  But the order these politicians refer to is just more delays, lies and excuses, without ever addressing the constant abuse and neglect of the people.

And the people have had it.  They have had it with the poison in their food and air and water, with a controlled monetary system that is crushing everyone relentlessly, with war after war after war and the continual bombing of innocent people, with the intentional lack of education, with the perversion and pedophilia everywhere and being promoted, with the corporate state love fest and state run fake news, and with non-human politicians doing nothing but contributing and participating in the omnipresent evil that is dehumanizing people at every turn.

It is amazing that these psychopathic leaders who control us have gotten away with this much, but those of us with Souls are fairly forgiving and tolerant.  But even the best of us can get pushed too far,  and the people are no longer falling for the continual lies and excuses protecting the disgusting behavior and criminal abuse of the people.

Albuquerque represents the justified frustration everyone in this country is feeling, and it was beautiful to see the citizens react and take action. America has some life left in her yet.

And if everyone within the sphere of their influence acted in this manner, non violent but assertive, we could return this country to at least a semi normal place.  When the school system teaches or treats our children inappropriately or does something completely offensive and immoral, every parent, relative, friend, neighbor, and interested person should all show up at the school, thousands of people, demanding and not leaving until the situation is corrected.  Imagine thousands of angry people outside the school protesting… would work. But we must all contribute.  It is lack of action and response that gives bullies and psychopaths the confidence to continue on abusing.

Vigilance is key, because our leaders are clearly not on our side and not in my opinion even human.  So the people, as they were meant to, must take action and take over instead.

Psychopaths  and politicians are not invincible nor are they immortal.  In fact just like bullies they will continually abuse you until you punch them in the nose, and then they will run away crying.

So thank you Albuquerque, for standing up and taking action, for you have revived the American spirit and given hope to us all.