In reaction to the Albuquerque town meeting take over, which really isn’t a take over as it is meant for the citizens in the first place, the state has proven that we are indeed living in a militaristic country.  

Their response should have been one of recognizing that the people are dissatisfied and taken steps to correct the situation.  Instead they have decided to increase security at the meetings and are prepared to keep the citizens in check in case of future disruptions.

This clearly delineates an us and them situation.  They are criminals, they protect criminals, and when the people respond they respond with more authority.

Logically the people have two choices.  Either continue to live under psychopathic rule that historically and by nature will become more and more controlling, or hold their ground and fight back.

And the longer the citizens of this country take the abuse the harder it will be to fight back when things become intolerable.

America is at a crossroads, and the choice we make as a people now will decide whether we return to what America should be, or become another China.

And if you don’t think it is possible for America to become like China, we are already well on the way.  Americans seem to believe that we have some magical protection that will forever keep us from being taken over.  Not true.  Every lock can be picked.

In fact we are already well on the way.



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