If Geiger Counters and Starfish are any indication then most definitely yes.

Any nuclear reactor melt down is of course a hugely dangerous and unnecessarily inhumane horror-show.  But just to make matters even worse and really take it into the surreal hell our leaders are trying so hard to create,  it turns out that Fukushima had been storing fuel rods on site for decades.   So this is no ordinary horrible melt-down……this is a nuclear melt-down being fueled by decades of fuel rod storage.

Let’s build a nuclear reactor on a fault line and store fuel rods there for years……who gave that scenario the go-ahead? 

Well now the radiated chickens are coming home to roost and lay radioactive eggs…….

Strange and numerous unexplained starfish deaths are a very possible indication that the radiation is already making its corrosive and deadly impact on Nature.   Millions of starfish are dying in a frightening manner…..they are falling apart and turning to goo.  Starfish disappearances in the past have always been relegated to just one species.  But this is a new phenomenon.  Marine Biologists have never seen anything like this and are very concerned about the curious deaths and how quickly species have just vanished.

And now we have reports of high levels of radiation in San Francisco which we can expect not to see reported by the State Run News. 

And not surprisingly in today’s world there is definitely a mainstream Media black-out being conducted  here and in Japan. 

No one will mention Fukushima as though it is some kind of taboo subject,  which almost always serves to identify it as the true culprit.  It is also affecting other animals,  and it is a considerable worry that this is the canary in the coal mine for the higher species.  ( That would include us )

And as for the Media ignoring it,  “ Out of sight,  Out of mind”  does not change reality,  it only keeps the innocent in the dark and in danger.

How can the press be so silent in informing people about an incredibly serious health issue when EcoWatch is calling it a global nightmare?  Oh yeah,  our Media is beholden to the Corporate State and cares  not for us. 

Below is the link to reports on the disturbing Geiger counter readings in the area.

This is a huge story which affects the entire Planet in a major way,  and it is being completely ignored by the Media because the Luciferian Controllers do not wish it to be known.

But we have a new and informed and caring species of reporter and researcher rising up out of the ashes to help us,  and their links are below.


 Jeff Rense has countered the press’ inaction with a fantastic amount of info and links on Fukushima which can be found here:



The EcoWatch article on the Fukushima nighmare:



Article and Video on alarming Geiger Counter readings in San Francisco:



Natural News on the Starfish deaths and the likely Fukushima connection:



Global Research article on the ongoing removal of fuel rods:



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