I have been to both for drugs, and here is the truth of what I have personally found:

  1. The drug dealer makes no pretense about healing or helping you, he is more honest in this regard……you know what you are getting into.  The doctor, however, promises health and healing and you expect as much…..and it still results in many illnesses and death.
  2. The drug dealer also makes no pretense about making money off of you…..while the doctor is a drug pusher who pretends to be helping you.
  3. The drug dealer’s product and promises will almost always be more effective and accurate than the doctor’s product and promises.
  4. The drug dealer you go to on your own free will and you can choose from many, while the hospital is really your only choice for health and all doctors are essentially the same.
  5. The drug dealer has a lot to lose if you overdose and die and therefore works hard to prevent selling you a bad product….  your death would bring on the law as well as the loss of clients and money.  The doctor, however, is so well protected and insured in these matters that he is therefore more detached in his concern for you.
  6. The drug dealer still makes house calls that very day, where the doctor requires an appointment and a wait.
  7. Drug dealers do not sell to 5 year -olds, while doctors openly push drugs on children.
  8. Drug dealers often use their own product, while I doubt that doctors ever do.  In fact I think that doctors use the drug dealer’s product more than their own.
  9. The drug dealer is more friendly and open.  Doctors are arrogant and detached.
  10. The drug dealer has given me product on credit, the doctor never has.


A truly sad state of affairs.  And this isn’t even taking their personal lives into consideration…..


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