District Court Judge Garry Neilson was recorded as saying that sexual contact between adults and children or siblings may no longer be regarded by society as “unnatural” or “taboo.”

How much closer to the point of brazen does it need to be that the normalization of perversion in our Culture is the design and purpose of the demonic entities in power?

Those who have always controlled Society have been working very diligently to normalize pedophilia and other perversions.

And I am very afraid that we have arrived.

We have been raised and constantly conditioned to believe that every Authoritative Institution in Society such as government, the medical industry, the education system, religion, media and even culture were created by Humans for the purpose of administrating Society efficiently.  This is a terrible deception we must extinguish from our belief system before it is too late.  Because in reality these Authorities are actually Control Systems designed for the purpose of herding the populace physically and psychologically in the direction the Controllers wish.  If you study the origin and history of these organizations and who started them,  as well as the decisions they make you will find they are always working against Nature and Spirituality and promoting the negative, the animalistic, and the inhumane.

Why?  Because these are the same evil entities who have always controlled Civilization since Biblical times and have always ensured that history has been one continuous  series of wars, genocides, murders, starvation, slavery, depressions and  control over the human spirit.  How else can we account for this constant negativity and depravity?  Every single person I have met in my life, even the worst of the worst, would never come close to the inhumane behavior that our leaders constantly engage in.  I have never met one person who would drop Atomic Bombs on cities full of innocent people or experiment on retarded children.  And yet my own country has no problem performing these and other atrocities casually and calmly.

Do not ever believe that these horrible events  “just happen”.  This is just another misdirection in the grand illusion.  The extent to which we are Lab Rats is an offense to our Egos and a threat to our greatest Fears, yet it must be faced.  When you examine these Control Structures you find History and Culture to be Intentional,  or if you prefer Experimental.  This is why the stability of the family was destroyed.  This is why the Vatican never represented Christ and the Churches are useless.  This is why Hollywood and television are downloading garbage and perversions directly into our children’s and our subconscious.  This is why Feminism and the counter-culture movement was a Socially Engineered psy-op, leading culture into accepting free sexual attitudes, abortion, paganism and New Age anti-Christian ideas.  This is why pharmacological drugs as well as street drugs are being so easily provided to numb and dumb down the young and old alike.  It is all in order to pave the way for the transition into instituting the perversions and new religion which is now becoming mainstream.

Why else is abortion legal when we know exactly what it is?  Why is there constant violence and sex on the television and movies and music when it is unnecessary and gratuitous?  Why is homosexuality  legal?  Why is the family and the natural male female relations in disarray?  Why is Christ ignored and mocked at every turn?  Why are the churches ineffective?  Why are there so many cases of child abuse when even one case should be a severe shock of awareness to our culture?

The acceptance of sexual abuse on our children is a severe symptom of and a clear sign that our Civilization is and has always been controlled by a non-Human Biblical Evil.

Some call it Lucifer or Satan, some call them Djinn,  and others call them Archons.  And they may even relate somehow to Aliens.  I do not pretend to have the answer to this.  But what I am sure of is that Civilization is not being run by just greedy stupid men while history lumbers on with random and unfortunate events as they would have us believe.  And we do know that every culture on the planet has written about non-Human entities,  and with the overwhelming advent of UFO sightings and abductions we must deal with the disturbing fact that we are not alone in this Universe that Quantum Physics ensure us contains multiple Dimensions.  In fact it is very probable that Civilization is not only controlled by but quite possibly even designed by these evil entities.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.  Do not believe for a minute the reasons and excuses you are given for all these things going wrong in the world.  Believe it is intentional, by design, and by Evil.  There is such an overwhelming amount of sickness infecting every aspect of our lives and it is so consistent, deep and interlocked that it cannot possibly be coincidence.

Every aspect of our society is pushing us toward the animalistic side of our nature and is hiding and keeping us away from our Spiritual side.

The worst of all inhumane abuses to the Human Spirit is without a doubt pedophilia, and this is not just perpetrated by random creeps as they would like you to believe.  It involves high members of our so-called leadership and is systematically being instituted as normal.  That is a sure sign that more than coincidence is responsible.  Observe the Institutions and individuals involved and it will become clear that this is an agenda of well organized Evil.

We have the United Nations stating that child prostitution in third world countries is acceptable because this is the only way these kids can eat.  That is the most disgusting and absurd statement I have ever heard……because child prostitution is NEVER acceptable under any circumstances.  In addition, it is the U.N.  themselves who are responsible for the political and economic conditions which lead to the desperate situation these poor kids are forced to live in.

We have the American Psychiatric Association in their Bible the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, the DSM,  changing the definition of pedophilia from a perversion to a life-style choice.  And what the Psychiatric Industry declares relates closely to and influences the law we are all subject to.


Are you familiar with Alfred Kinsey’s disgusting pedophile associations and acts, claiming children as young as babies are capable of sexual experience, using a pedophile for information who was torturing them for data,  while being hailed as responsible for the “sexual revolution” and actually advising governments on how to change and modernize their sexual laws?  These are the people who we allow to guide our society!


We of course have the Vatican, claiming to be the sole authority on Christ, historically documented and caught in the most horrible cases of organized abuse of children, even to this very day.

Do we even need any links for this one???

We have the Franklin case, a Republican orphanage which was being used to provide children to leaders and the elite.

We have the Sandusky case, which being saturated enough in the news I won’t bother to provide links.

We have the most esteemed news organization ( big joke ) in the world the BBC involved with paedophelia, the Royal Family and Satanism as well as covering up the Jimmy Savile case as well as more and more British PM’s being caught and implicated in huge pedophile scandals.


The Royal family as well as our own leaders are accused and implicated in these sickest of crimes as well.  The convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had a house with child sex slaves implicating his visitors and associates such as Bill Clinton,  Alan Dershowitz,  Donald Trump,  should be checked out.  Who are these people and why do we actually allow them to be our leaders rather than shoving c-4 up their asses and blasting them into hell?


Even Margaret Thatcher was aware of the pedophile rings and did NOTHING…….what does that tell you about our leadership and the Satanic Cult behind it?

The United States Government has also been covering up a huge pedophile ring including thousands of Pentagon employees…….watch these banned videos:


We have extremely popular and animated television shows like The Family Guy which I have written about before which brazenly portrays a pedophile in a positive light who is part of the show every episode and also part of the towns social dynamics.

We have the music industry promoting very explicit sexual acts constantly by very youthful looking performers, indoctrinating our youth into this Luciferian, paganistic lifestyle cult.

There is much belief that the reason for the open borders is for the convenience of the drug and child slave trade.  Child Protection Services has already been accused and implicated in these dark matters many times before.  And suddenly with these children showing up at the border I have become more suspicious.

So our government, our church, our psychiatric industry, our movie industry, our United Nations and our media are all involved in the promotion of the sexual abuse of children.

We must no longer follow organizations whether they are political, religious, or cultural.  Organizations have never done us any good ever at any time in history.  Even the Red Cross was selling donuts and coffee to the soldiers on the front line!  Can you believe it?  They have promised us everything and given us nothing…….nothing but a good screwing.  Like Lucy pulling the football out from Charlie Brown every single time, how many times are we going to fall for this?  The Tea Party was a great response to our one party system until it was infiltrated and subverted and is now completely useless.  Everyone hated Bush the Republican for good reason and because the old white guy always screws us so we voted in a black Democrat and what happened?  He screwed us!  Shall we go back to a Republican and get screwed again?  Or will we be fooled into believing that a woman couldn’t possibly screw us?  It is a one party system with every president having royal genetics who is a puppet and completely owned.  Do not expect to be saved by the magical appearance of a president who will solve all of our problems. Unless you want to see a good man get shot in the face in front the entire world. 

Now I’m not saying that all homosexuals are paedophiles, but I do believe that getting homosexuality accepted and taught in schools is not only designed  for confusing the youngsters sexually,  it is being used as the stepping stone for the further sexual perversion of the young as the next step.

And now we have this judge in Australia declaring pedophilia to be normal.

This is not by accident this is all by design, it is by an evil that is not Human.  And if Humans do not react to these intrusions upon the Humanity and Spirituality gifted to us by our Creator and recognize this systematic and dehumanizing Evil our planet and our race will forever be under this demonic death cult.

Ephesians 6:12

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Try not to let the prior conditioning of your upbringing in this controlled society influence you into not accepting these ideas.  Quantum mechanics is proving that these are no longer conspiracies or science fiction.  They reason that they tell us that these are conspiracies is in order to keep us from investigating and discovering the Truth which they desperately want to keep hidden from us.

So when you hear a story on sexual abuse do not think  “Oh just another creep”.   Believe that this is intentional and involves much more than the actual abuse.  It goes very deep and involves much more.  It relates to magick and child sacrifice, mind control, and goes as far back as Babylon…..