The seriousness of this conspiracy cannot be overstated.  This crime was not done by one channel.  This was not spoken of by one politician.  This was not an error or a mistake or even a lie.  They are even trying desperately to call it misreporting!  How many lies do they expect us to fall for?  The perpetrators of this hideous unprecedented assault on the public are obviously never to be trusted again.  Dead children.  Shot in a school.  This was an all-out coordinated psy-op involving all Media, politicians, and even including Hollywood actors. 

This project employed emotional traumatic abuse and psychologically manipulative behavioral modification in order to bring about a particular result in the public.   What a maudlin display.  We are lab rats in a cage controlled by psychopathic scientists who have devised a matrix  just beyond the perception of our consciousness.  This planned satanic ritual was perpetrated intentionally and intently upon the innocent and unsuspecting people.  Those crazy conspiracy theorists were right again, and who is it that calls them crazy conspiracists?  The Luciferians in control in order to detract and dismiss their accurate portrayal of their evil doings because they are scared to death of the awareness they reveal.  Every mainstream news show presented this completely produced fakery on purpose, with intent, serious and as though it were real.  They are worth nothing now.  Their credibility is dead. This is the reality we live in, a reality which is a paradox in that it denies its own definition, a reality which is closer to mother goose than anything else.  We are now aware that we exist within a vacuum of fairy tale tragedy projected at us continually through the electronic possessors of our attention…..pure chaos by satanic standards. 

The authoritative and esteemed news shows with their beautiful well-dressed hosts,  their cleavage and pseudo-serious interviews conducted in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotically holding our attention while showing and interviewing with traumatic mind control effect the crying parents who displayed no tears, the serious esteemed newscasters from the mainstream puppetshows, the government leaders and movie stars, even the president,  the entire pathetic collection of the undeserving Elite Beautiful people who live in a separate world of privilege and money and fame that we foolishly give to them for being our idols and stars, informing us cattle who live in the lab rat cages with the disgusting Luciferian illusions perpetrated upon idiots sitting wide-eyed upon the edges of their seats crying and offering their precious psychic energetic emotions for the poor children massacred in reality television that was a psychological attack on the people.  Poor people generously giving money to these actors of insanity they don’t have out of the kindness of their hearts because that is their nature, money which is outright stolen by these uncaring thieves. 

These are rituals, magickal, ancient and powerful, these are Archonic treacheries from the beginning of time,  sacrificing our spiritual energy and thoughts to a powerful Entity dressed in a programmed lie.  These astral and dimensional parasites live and feed off of this negativity they create and we comply as humans will.  So what else is a lie?  What else should we not believe?  The head of the CIA once said their job will be complete when nothing the public believes is real.  So this is what they want.   911 was a devious deception also, trauma and abuse as they replayed and replayed the psy-op dementia designed to embed fear deep into our subconscious so that we become so scared and scarred that we believe everything they say consciously and unconsciously until we become helplessly dependent upon them out of the chaos they themselves created.  Order out of chaos is their magick…… it is even written on the dollar bill as a talisman is….. ordo abdo chao…..for money is Babylonian sigil magick, yet another system of deception which we accept and support and give our energy and souls to.  Another puppet show whose strings pull us in all directions as well with them.  It is all a disturbing symphony of cognitive dissonance, a malicious melody that has us all in a trance, the Hollywood wand of the magician waves like an orchestra leader of death,  playing its dull misty lullaby and we obey while asleep.  

Vaccines are a lie, the medical industry is a lie, the school system is indoctrination,  the beheadings are a lie, the Ebola fear-porn scare is full of lies and contradictions, our perceptions have been spun around and controlled and presented to us by the Media Hollywood magickal fiends to bring us a representation of reality, a simulation yet we know nothing of what is really going on in the world but what they tell us.  Instead we fall helplessly to our collective knees and not in prayer but in desperate despair.  So throw your television out the window, taking care that no one is below unless it is a politician or a movie star.  And then aim well.  Your vote never counted.  The justice system is a rig, boycott the movies they do you more harm and no good, do not participate or put money into this system you are designed to lose.  Your birth certificate is a receipt for your child.  These plastic fake cookie cutter assembly line clones, manipulating your emotions with the death of children, the scare of guns, so that we run to daddy the state to help us.

Apocalypse means lifting of the veil in Greek, and how appropriate as the curtain is rising on this tragedy and the play is being revealed…..all the world’s a stage, and we must steal the pen from the authors and write our own story.  Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain with their levers and pulleys, the sociopathic parasites who feed off of our labor, who are stealing our money and emotions.  Soon we will see all for what it is.  For we were all given free will, and if we take this or accept this then it is no one’s fault but ours.  Yes, the Illuminati is Evil.  Yes, all these Controlled Opposition organizations are also Evil.  But we are accepting it and they need us to accept it.  They need our Free Will and acceptance.  The word government means mind control.  They are letting us know.  Television shows are called programming.  They are telling us.  Soldiers wear Dog-tags and go through training because the Elites see them as dumb animals.  A Culture is a dish of bacteria that is experimented on.  They tell us beforehand because they need our permission.

They tell us in order to get acceptance from our Free Will, the Cosmic Law these Luciferians must get like signing a deal with the devil.  We will see that the money system is controlled and a form of slavery.  Whose face is on the money?  Politicians!  So it is not a fair and equal system it is designed by and for and controlled by the government.  We will see that every single war has had nothing to do with the defense of America but was about money.  We will see the props and the fake blood and see that America is a corporation made of cardboard with a paper moon above……and that you yourself have been so dehumanized from where you truly belong as a spiritual being you will scream with anger and regret at what they have done to you.  But you have the power.  You don’t have rocket launchers and armies but neither do you want any.  You have the Free Will and the Consciousness provided by our Creator to NOT accept it, to be aware, and to say piss off.  To all of it.

With Love,




It’s been a very tough month if you’re a fish…..

And as Humans we are a part of this living Ecosystem which is obviously malfunctioning horribly. 



23rd October 2014 – 25,000 fish killed ‘due to storm surge’ in Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

21st October 2014 – Large die off of fish found floating on a river in Muriae, Brazil.

21st October 2014 – Large fish kill found along 2 rivers in Itapetininga, Brazil.

20th October 2014 – Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Jembrana, Dead Fish in JembranaIndonesia.

20th October 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a reservoir in Castilblanco, Spain.

18th October 2014 – Dozens of birds fall dead from the sky in Bapunagar, India.

18th October 2014 – 6 Sea lions, 6 Pelicans and seals found dead in La Libertad, Peru.

18th October 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in the Segua Wetland in Ecuador.

17th October 2014 – Fish kill, 3rd this year along the Piracicaba River in Brazil.

16th October 2014 – Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washing up along the Neuse River in N.Carolina, America.

16th October 2014 – MASSIVE die off of fish in 44 fish farms due to disease along the coast of Singapore.

15th October 2014 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in the Pilcomayo River, Paraguay. LinkDead Fish in Paraguay

15th October 2014 – Large amount of reef fish turning up dead ‘a mystery’ along coast of Phuket, Thailand.

15th October 2014 – Die off of fish in a lake in Sovicille, Italy.

15th October 2014 – Tons of fish die in a reservoir in Cianjur, Indonesia.

13th October 2014 – Thousands of fish wash up dead during past months along beaches of Mariana Islands.

13th October 2014 – 20,000 fish found dead in ponds in Xi’an, China.

10th October 2014 – Thousands of birds killed due to avian flu in Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

9th October 2014 – 365,000 farmed salmon killed due to disease in Nordland, Norway.

9th October 2014 – Hundreds of fish die in a lake, ‘never seen this before’, in Chilliwack, Canada.

8th October 2014 – Hundreds of chickens die suddenly in Subang, Indonesia.

8th October 2014 – Fish kill occuring in a lake in Missouri, America.

7th October 2014 – Mass deaths of Beluga Whales ‘worry scientists’ in Quebec, Canada.

7th October 2014 – Tons of fish, shellfish and birds found dead in lake in Drava National Park, Hungary.

6th October 2014 – 3 Dolphins and 12 Turtles found dead along the coast of Ravenna, Italy.

3rd October 2014 – Massive die off (90 percent wiped out) of starfish at Haystack Rock, Oregon, America.

3rd October 2014 – Hundreds of fish turning up dead in a lake in Santa Margarita, California, America.

3rd October 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a river in Thessaly, Greece.

2nd October 2014 – Large fish kill in a lake in South Bay, California, America.

1st October 2014 – 280,000 Salmon killed by a ‘rare algae bloom’ in Vancouver, Canada.

30th September 2014 – Hundreds of fish die in Yosemite Lake ‘due to rain’ in California, America.

30th September 2014 – Hundreds of fish found dead floating in a canal in Hermosillo, Mexico.

30th September 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a channel in Sakarya, Turkey.

and much, much, more….


From DProgram.Net: