Of course processed milk is unhealthy for us Humans.  How could it be otherwise?  If you haven’t noticed, everything that is made available to Humans in Society is harmful to them.  Even the wholesome milk every good mother made sure her children drank plenty of as part of a balanced, chemical meal.  That’s because despite what they tell us and despite what we desperately want to believe we are in fact incredibly spiritual entities being treated like cattle by the Satanic few who control us.  We are Lab Rats in a sophisticated cage full of many wonderful illusions, all of which hypnotically dazzle as they systematically dehumanize us.   Because the pattern is this:  Everything which is Natural, Spiritual, or Humane eventually gets systematically destroyed or perverted.  That is why we have been conditioned to believe that the natural way of drinking milk from a cow, which humans have done for millions of years, is weird, gross and unhealthy.  And in order to reinforce this new belief the Feds have been raiding raw milk farms with guns drawn.

Human beings are nature, and we live within a paradigm which is also Nature.  So Nature would seem to be a fairly good reference point or even solution to many Human problems.  But Science has been given god-like status over Nature and Spirituality.  So even though Humans have been drinking milk straight from the cow or goat for millions of years as this is the Natural way, people feel more comfortable with homogenized and pasteurized milk than with natural raw milk.  There are dangers with anything whether natural or scientific, and in this case science took the fear of the occasional bacteria in raw milk to scare the public into believing once again that technology is their savior and can solve all problems.  In truth technology and science is used by the Controllers  for control, dehumanization and depopulation.

This is the reason why our drinking water is intentionally being poisoned with industrial waste called fluoride.  And so is our toothpaste.  If you swallow toothpaste you are supposed to call poison control because the ingredients are deadly.  How’s that for cognitive dissonance?   GMO’s, pesticides, and hormones only name a few of the poisons found in all of our food and they all have great reasons and excuses for being there.  We have traded the ultra-convenience of cell phones and computers for the highly dangerous  ELF waves and WIFI from the cell phones and cell towers which contribute to everything from wearing our bodies down, giving us cancer, depressing and affecting our moods, and unraveling our DNA.  Most of the products in your home, including cosmetics and cleaning products are horrible cancer agents for you.  And don’t forget the microwave oven!  Even the music you listen to is played at a frequency which vibrates every part of your body from your cells to your DNA in an unnatural and unhealthy manner.  Even when turning to the “authorities”  on health for help and you are confronted with more unhealthy and dangerous solutions…..vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals all have come under serious debate as to their efficacy and outright danger.    

We also see Women being kicked out of hospital waiting rooms for breast feeding as well as a man being arrested for collecting his own rainwater…….natural is becoming illegal while perversion is legalized and even protected.

Notice how Crèches and Merry Christmas are being phased out of our Society while prayer is not allowed in school….. but then why is the unproven theory of evolution taught to children?   Because it goes against God and Soul and imbeds the young indoctrinated minds with the idea that they are no more special than clever, evolved monkeys.  And there is no reason in hell why children should be learning anything about sex, homosexuality and masturbation in school and yet they are…… unless there is a very negative agenda behind it, this is clear.  And there is.  Can you see where they’re going with all this?  Spirituality is out. 

And this is only a partial list.  So what is going on?

The Government only passes laws that are good for them and benefit themselves period.  And by looking at the laws which have been passed you can easily map the direction they have been steering the people towards.  And suddenly the conjecture that Civilization is run at the top by a select Satanic few does not seem so far off at all.  In fact it seems all too clear.  This is why sodomy is legal and acceptable, this is why aborting a fetus is legal and acceptable, this is why showing graphic sex with youth and sadistic violence in movies and music is legal and acceptable, this is why dropping bombs on innocent people is legal and acceptable, and yet buying raw milk from a farmer will bring the feds down on you!

Anyone who ventures outside the contrived Satanic matrix in order to do something healthy or spiritual will pay.  Just ask the people at Waco.

 So it is really not surprising at all to realize that the supposedly wholesome all-American milk we have been drinking since childhood has in fact been slowly killing us all.  It is another of the many symptoms of a diseased and sick Society.


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