There is a unified attack these days against Women breast-feeding just as there was against being a housewife in the sixties and the brain-washing that abortion is not killing a baby. Why?  Because the Elite Controllers of our Society wish to destroy everything that is natural, feminine, family orientated and spiritual.

Now while it is true that I will always come to the assistance of any partially undressed woman, I truly feel that this issue is being used as all other political issues for the purpose of subtly perverting the people.

Although this article is from last year, I find it to be so disgusting and manipulative an attempt at indoctrinating Women and the rest of society away from what is the True Feminine Essence and toward a subtle dehumanization and so I had to respond.  It is an obvious attempt to continue the dismantling of all that is normal and natural in our world.  The continual dehumanization that has been deployed everywhere in our Society.

The mentally unstable writer of this agonizing article is Bunmi Laditan, someone I refuse to refer to as either a Woman or a journalist as she is clearly neither.

The Huffington Post is equally guilty for printing this behavioral modification and pushing such inhumane ideas on Women.

This philosophical filth was brought to my attention by the always amazing and always spiritual Jeanice Barcelo from Birth of a New Earth.

As we all are too aware, breasts are shown to us constantly in our society for purely sexual and degenerate reasons.  Our senses and subconscious’ are bombarded with variations of sex whether it is pornography or pop music videos, any movie from degenerate Hollywood and television, magazines and commercials.   It always serves to degrade women, while lowering our spiritual vibrations in addition to teaching our children and even most ding bat adults that this is what women are made for and that it is all culturally acceptable.

And at the same time, girls and women are dressing in incredibly revealing styles as the culture directs them to, exposing themselves shamelessly as they purposefully stroll through public areas egotistically looking for reaction and attention.  Yet incredibly those rare moments when a woman is nursing a baby in public she is the one who is considered to be on the level of a filthy whore because of a possibly and partially exposed breast.  These women are told that no one wants to see that sort of thing.  Our Culture endorses sex absolutely everywhere yet when a mother’s breast is naturally feeding a hungry baby suddenly the people find it disgusting and shameful that it is done in public.  Never mind the fact that Miley Cyrus is sexualizing the youth with her explicit gyrating while half naked and at the same time glamourizing drugs to millions of young fans, nor any of the other numerous pop stars doing the same things……the enemy and the abnormal ones in today’s Society are the breast feeding mothers.

Breast feeding Women have been kicked out of hospital waiting rooms, repeatedly scorned and the list goes on.  Of course women should exercise discretion when possible.  But this article by Bunmi Laditan from the Huffington Post is just so amazingly insane and far off in its thinking that I can only come to the logical conclusion that this person ( I cannot even refer to her as a woman )  is either culturally programmed, severely emotionally damaged, or as our Mass Media is so thoroughly controlled she has been forced to push this anti-Human philosophy of the Elite Controllers on the people.

Here is just a sample of what this literary and philosophically brain damaged puppet had to offer on the subject of breast feeding in public:

“Tip #5: Get some morals. Do you have sex in public? No. Then why would you pull out your SEX BREASTS for your baby in public? Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean we all want to see it. Yes, we will tolerate a celebrity nip slip or areola display. Yes, there are breasts splashed all over magazine racks and on television bouncing up and down to pop music, but that’s different. We’re OK with boobs if money has been exchanged. Has your cheap baby paid you? No? Then wrap it up.

In conclusion, breastfeeding in public is for lazy, exhibitionist, thrill-seeking, husband-stealing mothers who have nothing better to do than to make the rest of us shrivel in disgust. So cover it up. Love, Us.”

Wow!  That is quite an indictment, and quite full of insults as well.  Where do I begin?   She opens with an attack on morality.  “Get some morals”  she arrogantly demands. You want to talk morals, Bunmi?  Are you the self-appointed morality queen of us all?  I bet you are just full of morality.  For starters stop staring and mind your own business.  But then you compare breast feeding to sex just because a breast is involved.  Nice try but your leap in logic fails.  I know you don’t like to hear this, but breasts are for feeding babies, not for being felt up by men or flashed to everyone on the streets just for your self-gratification.  Not that I would ever complain about these secondary advantages, but let’s not forget what breasts were really created for.  They were created to feed and nurture newborns, not to be fondled, grabbed and displayed. 

You say that just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you want to see it?  Well, Bunmi, there is a hell of a lot of UNNATURAL things that I don’t want to see as well and yet I am forced to.  And they occur far more often believe me.  I don’t want to see two gay guys kissing out in public.  I don’t want to see men’s asses or homoerotic scenes flashed at me during a movie or a television show.  I don’t even want to see a man and a woman rolling around having sex when it has nothing to do with the damn movie.  Of course in your mind that probably makes me a hateful anti-homosexual.  In other words, you believe that your unnatural beliefs should be instituted in our culture, while my natural beliefs make me intolerant and hateful.

She casually dismisses all the sexual excuses for showing breasts because perversion and sex in our Culture is promoted……and what is this nonsense about money being exchanged that makes it all ok?  But when she sees a breast in the context of a woman feeding her baby this makes her  “shrivel in disgust”.  That is quite an extreme reaction.  What kind of a woman are you?  What kind of a Human are you?  How does a female breast, mostly hidden by the child and which is serving to nurture the most innocent creation on Earth, cause you to  “shrivel in disgust”?  You are a sick woman.  The thought that there are more people on this planet who think like you do makes ME shrivel in disgust.

And then comes Bunmi’s own personal psychological assessment of these Women.  How lucky we are that you are such a natural genius.  Her analysis is that these Women are really doing this for exhibitionist, thrill seeking husband stealing purposes…….are you mad?  You are one twisted bitch!  First of all, the streets are not teeming with hordes of breast-feeding women in search of crowds to disgust.  Have you not considered that they do it because their baby is crying for food?  Or maybe because they want to bond with their baby?  Of course you haven’t, because your defeminized mind cannot comprehend any of that.  And your defeminized mind can’t even stand to witness this mother and child connection……but you can watch everything else in this decadent world without complaint. 

What are people’s psychological problem and disgust with breast feeding?  It really upsets them.  But this is how dehumanized we have become.

You and many other Women are the failed Cultural result of a socially engineered program called Feminism.  You have been directly or indirectly behaviorally modified by the concepts of Gloria Steinem, who was in reality a puppet of the CIA and the Rockefellers.  Those are the organizations who used Feminism as their voice to influence millions of women what to believe and how to behave.  The CIA and the Rockefellers have made you the confused woman you are today.  This is why we hate babies in our Society, don’t we Bunmi?  This same attitude you have toward breast-feeding is why we brutally abort babies by the millions and casually throw them away without care….like it’s nothing.  And that’s why Society is now considering murdering babies even after they are born up until they are three. 

You and many other Women have been so divorced from their feminine essence that you actually see a relationship between excreting waste and nourishing a newborn baby.   That is a sick and disturbing connection for the mind to make.  And you and the Huffington Post want to pass this disease along to your readers. 

Comparing excretion to the natural, feminine feeding of a child is a perfect example of the anti-family anti-female program and so sick I believe this person has very little human or feminine qualities, that is how far dehumanized they have indoctrinated most of the population.  Destroy Femininity.  Destroy the family.  Destroy the Mother.  And children are to be seen and not heard.  More like killed and ignored.  And the Huffington Post is obviously supportive of all this garbage.

And she doesn’t even stop there!  She actually has more insanity to express!  She actually states that:  “Science has proven that breasts are basically large vaginas!”  Really?  So all this time I’ve been going about sex the wrong way, apparently.  Please show me that scientific breakthrough…… I’d love to see the quack who said that.  If anyone ever did which I doubt.

Do women know about this?  That their breasts are really just large vaginas?  This is something they should definitely know about.

This woman is an idiotic joke in the least and dangerously deranged at the most……and that makes the Huffington Post another mind-control perpetrator as they are responsible for printing this despicable waste and giving her dementia a forum for influencing Women as well as the mentally susceptible segment of our population.

I hate to be the one to tell you, Dummy,  but the female body IS DESIGNED TO GIVE BIRTH AND NURTURE BABIES.  Now of course this doesn’t mean that Women must be baby machines but it IS telling you that we exist in a paradigm ruled by Nature of which Humans are a part and so should be considered naturally and spiritually important. 

So Reality and Nature and babies make you shrivel in disgust?  Breast feeding is the same as peeing?  Breasts are vaginas?  Are you the crazy bitch I’ve always heard about or worse are you pulling a fast one and trying to indoctrinate and disturb your female readers?  Something is seriously wrong with you, this must be so or you wouldn’t be making such ridiculous statements. 

So apparently when the breast is shown feeding a hungry baby it is considered disgusting by Society, but when it is on display for sexually arousing people and female degradation it gets full approval.  Because we are in a Satanically Controlled Existence being taught that everything humane and natural is bad, while perversion is good.  And Bunmi’s job as an intellectual whore or what we used to refer to as journalists is to push this way of thought.

You see folks, we must recognize when Society is perverting the natural and pushing the perverted.  And we must respond to it.  And that is all the time and everywhere.

And here it is clearly Bunmi Laditan and the Huffington Post, pushing their Satanic and perverted philosophy upon you Women and whomever is unfortunate enough to read this idiotic magazine.

Let’s tell the truth and see if we can’t get past the cultural programming which twisted puppets like Bunmi Laditan and the Huffington Post are helping to reinforce in our World.