The people are being culturally brain-washed into believing that dictatorship only takes the form of uniforms and boots when employing their Nazi and Soviet agendas.

They have also convinced everyone since kindergarten through every means possible that America is encased with some magical mystical protection, this fairy dust that is a free press and a democratic government with free elections and can therefore never ever fall to communism or fascism.

Both of these political philosophies being created and funded by the same people we send our credit card payments to by the way.

So as long as these ignorant Americans do not see foreign troops marching down their streets everything is fine.

Meanwhile, this misplaced vigilance has completely missed a parasite that has attached itself to the apparatus of the state.  So the same laws and societal attitudes which are indeed fascist and communist are simply repackaged with new names, given misleading cultural rationalizations and false scientific reasoning.  Mix with a good dose of fear, a severe lack of spirituality and the carefully cultivated loss of individual free thought  and suddenly you have a large percentage of the people begging for or not even noticing the very Society people would fear while watching those Nazi documentaries.

It is a lot more work and takes more time than just an outright invasion. But it is far more effective if the people are actually programmed and acclimated over time to believe that a dictatorial agenda is actually modern and progressive as well as scientifically necessary.

Paul Levy writes from his website “Awaken In The Dream”:   Masses are always breeding grounds of psychic epidemics. In a collective psychosis there is a herd mentality, where people stop thinking for themselves and let others think for them, like sheep (“sheeple”) who just follow wherever they are being led. Jung writes that whoever buys into the collectively agreed upon group-think “is infected with the leprosy of collective thinking and has become an inmate of that insalubrious stud-farm called the totalitarian State.”

And this has led  us to where we are and to the serious division occurring right now in the population, and it has nothing to do with race or religion.  It is all about Awareness of the false matrix.  There are people who are unable to acknowledge this False Paradigm which enshrouds us since our birth.  They go about their day watching football or the Kardashians,  perceiving Reality how the Media tells them to and believing that Truth is Conspiracy.  They have no conception of what is going on behind the curtain, to the point where a conversation beyond the weather is nearly impossible.  These people are left psychologically empty and helpless due to a lack of Spiritual structure, family structure or individual development. Which is why these elements of Human nature are so viciously and constantly attacked.  There is constant programming from all the authoritative institutions in civilization which are in actuality control structures, such as the medical industry, education, media, culture, etc.  They are all tuned to this false narrative from birth.  Even our parents unknowingly and innocuously pass it on.  In school, on the television, so that it is securely and deeply imprinted upon our unconscious as Reality.  Until, as Carl Jung said,  “Whenever a powerful content emerges from the unconscious, which we cannot yet grasp with our consciousness, there is a danger that the whole ego-consciousness will be pulled down into the unconscious and dissolved…Consciousness is completely emptied, because its contents are attracted by the unconscious as by a magnet. This process leads to a complete loss of the ego, so that the person in question becomes a mere automaton. Such a person is actually no longer there.” 

Automatons, Human Monkeys, zombies, this is the populace they are creating.  Just look at how they are  “educating”  children.

The following article by Paul Adams J.D is an incredibly comprehensive and informative look at the multi-pronged attack on children and Society, including: Parental Consent, Vaccines, Predators and the Occult, the School/College Dumb-Down Attack and Debt Slavery, the Fluoride and Diet Attack on Children, and the Children and the Pop Culture Perversion Attack on Children.

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