Pedophilia is the most evil, disgusting act perpetrated upon the most innocent, helpless people namely children.

This horror show should be non-existent and yet unbelievably it is more popular than people are aware of.

The Vatican is rife with it and actually protects it, it is ok’d in the Talmud, countless rabbis and priests have been caught at it, it is on the incredibly popular television show Family Guy as a regular character,  insiders say Hollywood is run by pedophile elite, the United Nations declared that children having sex for money in third world countries is fine because it’s the only way they can feed themselves, the Psychiatric Association in their DSM said that pedophilia is a lifestyle choice and not a perversion, the British parliament is so full of them they say you can’t be there unless you are one, child protection services as well as other rings have been associated time and again with high level politicians, and now these decadent depraved perverts want to get married.

And they will be allowed to, wait and see.

And after that they will be protected by laws better than you are.

How in the hell is this happening?  How is sex with children so accepted and popular right in front of everyone?

It can only be because it is approved and coming from the control at the top.

Which can be nothing other than some form of a Satanic Luciferian Elite.