All of history is an evil lie told to us by the psychopathic winners who also run our lives.  Why did it never occur to anyone that even if there HAD been a potato famine, there still would have been something else to eat?  Like chicken or fish, bread or sheep?  Why were millions of Irish dying with green lips from eating grass out of desperation?

Because the British Empire, in their typical colonial style of exterminating a foreign culture and identity, were blockading shiploads of food and using more than half their military to steal foodstuffs by the tonnage right from the Irish people in an intentional and successful attempt at genocide…….to the ugly tune of 5 million Human Beings being starved horribly.

Henry Makow’s article covers quite a bit more that’s worth reading for sure…..




A phenomenal amount of scientists, doctors and researchers have all at one time or another come forward and declared unequivocally that vaccines and chemotherapy are an ineffective and debilitating poison.

Of course the Medical Industry, like the Government, the Money System, Religious System, Educational System, and Media are the Control Structures of our Civilization.  These Systems are not the natural result of an advancing Civilization nor do they respond to the needs of its people.  They are designed as Systems of Control over the Human population,  and work very strongly to destroy anything Natural and Human.  This is very Luciferian.

A tell-tale sign that there is malevolence is shown by the reaction:  rather than mainstream Science and the State addressing these overwhelming evidence- ridden concerns as would be logical and ethical, instead they are ignoring the facts and even forcing the people to be “treated”  with this techno- garbage.  This speaks volumes.

But now an even deeper twist on this problem has arisen.  Because it turns out that GcMAF, which is a natural and little-known molecule in the body, when combined with Vitamin D becomes a potentially universal cancer cure.  It would also serve as a cure for autism, AIDS, liver and kidney disease and more.  It makes sense that our bodies would contain the natural cure for these diseases inside us already.  But something called Nagalase in vaccines works to prevent this protein from being created.

But it gets worse, because the doctors who have been discovering this and who have been vocal about this have been dying in mysterious ways.

Mike Adams of Natural Health News as always has an informative and comprehensive look at the whole mysterious story.