All The World Is Indeed A Stage…..And every once in a while the LabRats, if they can force their minds away from the hypnotic maze and cheese in order to look outside their cage, will be able to discern if only for a moment the false paradigm which is constantly being generated in place of Real Life.

There is a continual projection of this subtle and hallucinatory madness from the Media, Academia, Entertainment and the State. Even Social Movements and Organizations such as Feminism, the NAACP and the Counter-Culture are not naturally occurring but rather are created, produced and engineered like Existential Theater for the living audience.

Life as Theater, even Theater of War, which shapes and modifies its viewers into accepting and even participating in an increasingly unnatural and inhuman existence.

Your entire perception of Reality, what you know and how you feel about it, is all created for you.

This Video is that glimpse behind the curtain where you get to see the wire which lifts Peter Pan or the stunt double on the motorcycle before they patch up the inconsistencies with more layers of lies and repetition.


From What Really Happened:  http://whatreallyhappened.com/#axzz3lAGVCoyj