Let’s cut to the chase.

We know that Hillary is Establishment.

But Donald Trump is being sold to the American people as the outsider who is not part of the Establishment.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify the Federal Reserve System as the sole reason for the enormous national debt and unparalleled banker control.  Instead, he talks about what he will do to fight it like every other fake politician.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify ISIS as being a mercenary force supported if not created by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  But instead he talks about how he will fight ISIS like every other fake politician.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify the true criminals of 9-11.  Instead, he cagily blames Saudi Arabia only, who was part of it, but it is not the whole story.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would tell the truth about Palestine.

Donald Trump is not part of the solution, he is just part of the puppet-show doing his job distracting you.  “But he’s better than Hillary”  you say……yes, he appeals to you because you are more to the right.  And for those who lean left, Hillary is more appealing.  But they are both the tools of the real Controllers and nothing will change.

The Dark Magicians who control the Human Farm have once again hypnotized the people into believing that the election process is in their hands and that both candidates represent them.





The only reason i watched the election debate was for the same reason i sometimes watch NASCAR……i was hoping to see a really good crash.

Who among us was not waiting for Hillary to collapse like building 7, or disappear into the bathroom again like a junkie for so long the moderators get nervous?  But not even a cough or a clearing of the throat…..she even walked to the podium all by herself.  And surely Trump would not deny us some abusive insults or even an outrageously inappropriate comment or two.  But he, too, was in good form.  At least there was a good chance they would be at each other’s throats by half-time but they both disappointed by acting like perfect adults.

They did succeed in passing 90 minutes without saying anything worthwhile as is their craft, alternately throwing statistics and promises back and forth while accusing the other of lying, leaving the listener numb and no wiser as to who these two really are.

Was that Graves and Madame Secretary i saw or is my mind melting into the cultural goulash where we are all one?

Other than two elitist, egotistical, lying, sadistic, criminal pricks forced upon us as Presidential candidates. 

Lucky for us there can be only one.







i want to remind everyone how crucial it is to not get caught up in the Puppet-Show, but rather to pay attention to the Puppet-Masters.  Be aware of how the Puppet-Masters are manipulating you and your reality.  Easily and with emotion we are thrown about, completely at their discretion.

Soon after joyfully discovering the alternative media well over a decade ago i remember being thrilled to have my world opened up on a myriad of topics.

It wasn’t long after this, however, when i found that the supposedly unbiased alternative and conspiracy sites were unabashedly cheer-leading for Putin and soon after that, Trump.

Granted, both can be complemented for various things they’ve done or said…..but i’m referring to the old fashioned media’s way of not mentioning anything bad, insult their opponents, praise them always style of writing.  What happened to unbiased and open-minded?   And why these two guys?  Because whenever i feel a movement in any particular direction, whenever the herd starts to rustle, i usually run in the opposite direction.

Over at redefininggod they have laid out a fantastic and detailed hypothesis  on this………http://redefininggod.com/2015/11/lets-cut-the-crap-vladimir-putin-is-helping-usher-in-the-globalist-new-world-order/


And breaking down how to interpret Donald Trump’s campaign, the Gemini who is an enigma and being presented as the Savior of the Republic………http://thedailycoin.org/2016/09/08/the-donald-and-the-deep-state/


“And Donald Trump is most certainly from the network. But is he for the network?

In this author’s mind, Donald’s Deep State connections belie three potential scenarios:

  1. Donald Trump is analogous to the John F./Joe Kennedy complex before him. He may be supported by a criminal enterprise and surrounded by unsavory characters, the Deep State may have leverage over him, but he ultimately has a “Good Heart” and seeks genuine change despite the uphill battle.
  2. Donald Trump is a Deep State actor from a competing group of insiders, putting pressure on the “Old Order” crowd of the Bush/Clinton Cartel in making way for the “New Multipolar World Order” now emerging.
  3. Donald Trump is a Deep State actor running solely for the aims of the Deep State itself. He is a part of it, complicit in it, and whether he wins or loses is immaterial to the greater objectives of World Order.

I’m a cynical sod with this crazy belief that only individuals working in concert with other individuals of their own free will can ever change Humanity’s current predicament, and thus, lean heavily towards Options #2 and #3. But for those starry-eyed dreamers who place their faith in the God of the State, here’s to hoping that your next King of choice does not become a sacrificial one.”



>>> Problem – The evil Western power elite are out to steal everything and kill everybody!!! (The engineered truth movement has ensured that we got this message loud and clear.)

Reaction – People are both angry and fearful, and are longing to end the old system and start something new.

Solution – The angelic BRICS power elite swoop in on white unicorns to save the day and give us a new financial system and all the money people need. (The false-light crowd has ensured that we’ll look at our “saviors” in this light.)

Donald Trump supporters hate the Media because they are the propaganda tool of the Establishment.  This is why the media attacks have not been hurting they have been greatly helping him.  And the Media is very aware of this.  The Media is aware of the effects they cause, they pay very close attention to this in almost real time.  They know that the more they attack him the stronger they make him.   They know the psychological effect they have almost in real time.  They are not ignorant to this.  And yet they continue in the same manner.  In fact, at least one Republican has expressed his disappointment that they weren’t receiving millions in free press.  Suspicious?

And then even a huge list of top Republicans, these are the people responsible for getting us where we are today, have come out in favor of Hillary.  Are they TRYING to get people to vote for Trump?



And don’t forget what a huge player Julian Assange is in all of this.  Assange who is against pushing for 9-11 Truth, Assange who is supposedly anti-establishment and yet is presented in the Media as a Hero, Assange with the strange and cultish past…….




Isn’t it fascinating that such a key figure in world politics had such a curious, cultish, mind-controlled past?



And so, my friends, do not get caught up in the emotional and conditioned responses to the daily barrage of psy-op news coming at you from mainstream or alternative sources……instead try to keep your keen and logical eye upon the Puppet-Masters. 

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In my attempt at being unbiased and analytical i wrote a piece on Donald Trump pointing out some of the seriously negative aspects of his personality and history.  And while this information should still be considered with regard to him and his campaign, in retrospect i was remiss by not putting that information into its full perspective.

My true goal is not to push one candidate over the other, but to present my readers with information about both which they may not have previously been be aware of.

First, it is very well documented that Hillary and Bill Clinton have been the most corrupt, sadistic, treasonous, globalist Marxist politicians ever.  She is a Soros and Rothchild friend and puppet, which is why the entire Establishment of the Media and even Republicans support her against Trump.  It is truly frightening how much damage these two have done, and how the Media has been complicit in covering or minimizing their crimes.   The Media has also been unbelivably one-sided against Trump.  And yes, everything points to her being very sick on top of it.  This comprehensive piece on Hillary by Devvy pulls no punches…….http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd588.htm


Secondly, Trump is definitely anti-globalist.  The many ramifications of globalism will deeply ( they have already ) affect this country and all Americans very harshly.  This is truly the centerpiece of the election.  i refer you now to this video from SGTreport, and this excellent article from Freedom Articles.

This is truly a polarized election.  Trump supporters fear a Hillary presidency, and Hillary supporters fear a Trump election.  They are both royal blooded, related, globalist, elitist, 1%, psychopathic, authoritarians.

What happens if Hillary dies before the election?  And will there be riots after the election over fraud?  Because both sides are going to go insane when the other side wins, of that there is no doubt……

More coming on the psychological and emotional personality cults being played out here.  


Entire US Presidential Election is Fake, From Start to Finish






Well, unless they plan on dragging Hillary’s lifeless psychopathic corpse across the finish line it look as though she’s out of the race……this last collapse of hers has got the Democratic Party considering calling the fight, as they are getting further into what one operative referred to as “unchartered political territory”.  They can’t keep up this Weekend at Bernie’s charade anymore.  This would be considered cruel if it were being done to an animal, i can only assume that she herself wants it so badly she won’t stop when she should have long ago.  And since the American public won’t have to worry about Chelsea for a few more years, we can now consider the Clinton chapter of American politics closed and thank God.  They will go down in history as the criminal, treasonous bastards we have all come to know and love.

The Democratic Party, really run by Communists since at least FDR, are now seriously considering withdrawing Hillary.  Most likely they will go with Biden.  This is very good opposition to Trump as Trump’s main psychological hold on people is that he is not Hillary.  As for Trump, i have done a previous piece on all the negative aspects about him, a narcissistic personality disorder who considers the Geneva Convention an impediment and wonders why we can’t just nuke ISIS.  

i think that Biden represents nothingness and boredom and status quo and that is exactly what the people want and deserve right now.  Clinton and Trump are two hurricanes who will only tip the boat over, taking us all with them.  Hillary supporters will vote for Biden, and hopefully the traumatized Bernie Sanders supporters will come over to Biden as well as the undecided who were rightfully scared away by the Hillary/Trump Theater of the Absurd.  Maybe even some of the saner Trump people, not needing him any longer as a Crucifix against Hillary will go over.  As long as he can refrain from saying anything too stupid, like pointing out who carries the Nuke codes for him.   At least he knows where Aleppo is.

i love how the Washington Post says that NOW her health is a real issue.  They said it has gone from conservative conspiracy theory to central debate.  That’s what is called not admitting you had been covering for her with ridiculous excuses that guys like Drudge and Alex Jones were crazy.  And Alex Jones should not be a cheerleader for Trump, they all should act like journalists and researchers.  But i’m asking too much.  But her health problems are real.  Disappearing in the bathroom during a debate for so long that even the moderators were getting embarrassed, numerous and continuous coughing episodes that are truly upsetting to watch, being helped to stand and make it upstairs, people around her carrying injection devices, medical and unknown objects being seen underneath her clothes, being driven around not in a limo or car like everyone else but a van which looks like a converted ambulance, and many doctors opinions stating that she has serious health problems.  But the media calls it conspiracy theories.  NOW the Washington Post is calling for her medical records, saying of course the Democrats are going to lie about her condition.  

And the deception continues when the Alex Jones, Drudge and Savage coterie of Trump enthusiasts are correct in calling out Hillary’s many faults; but then they will go on to support and deceive their listeners about Trump.  Nowadays you cannot get the Truth from one or a few outlets…..you actually have to work and research to get an accurate and holistic view of what is going on.   And even then, good luck.

Remember, these Money Controllers do control so much that there is no way that Trump or anyone else can be where they are unless there are approved dealings going on.  Otherwise you would be seeing a JFK situation, or a Lindbergh baby kidnapping, because these guys are evil and do not play around.


BREAKING: Democrats May Hold Emergency Meeting to Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton