The very insightful and funny folks at JoyCamp presented the Presidential debate in this way……and they are closer to true than many may think:


And just to help in some “fact checking” if this all sounds insane……

CIA creating ISIS:


Hillary being a psycho-sadistic criminal:


The successes and illegal assassination of Qaddafis:


Cannabis curing cancer:



Those who are pro-Trump will argue that it was just man-talk, locker-room stuff.  That point may be argued successfully.  And those who are anti-Trump are saying how this reveals his misogyny.   Also true.   The problem I have with both sides is that this goes far deeper and reveals some serious issues that neither side will deal with.  Because we are not just talking about any man or men in general.  We are talking about Donald Trump, who has a litany of evidence throughout his history revealing his objectifying women, insulting women, accusations of raping women, saying inappropriate sexual things about his young daughters numerous times, creepy pictures of him with his daughter, and most importantly numerous serious connections with pedophiles and even white slave traders.   In addition, both his wife and daughter have posed in semi-nude and S&M photos which is not indicative of anything by itself but it does begin to paint us a picture.  And while his running the beauty pageants does not make him evil by itself either, it is just another clue  as to what appears to be a perverted sexuality.  For those who think I am attaching more significance to this than there really is, please see here:

Another Trump Pedophile Lawsuit Emerges




But let’s not forget that both Bill and Hillary also have a long history of abusing women……raping, torturing, kidnapping, threatening.  Bill also has pedophile connections.  This appears to be quite a common thing among our elite leaders and has been connected to mind-control and Satanism.  

This Trump thing reveals a much deeper problem that is so sick and so prevalent and also protected by the media, the police and the justice system.  Do not get caught up in the trivial bickering the psy-op media pulls you into.  It is not Clinton versus Trump it is Us versus Them.  They are the Elite and they are different.   I have provided a few videos which show this unbelievably huge problem.  Check out this video of Joe Biden touching every female around him and whispering in a 13 year old girl’s ear, “do you know how horny it makes me”……….are you kidding me?  And the British Parliament is full of pedophile, and we all know about the Vatican. Our leaders and controllers are a den of 






This Trump thing reveals a much deeper problem that is so sick and so prevalent and also protected by the media, the police and the justice system.  I have provided a few videos which show this unbelievably huge problem.  Check out this video of Vice President Joe Biden touching every female around him and actually whispering in a 13 year old girl’s ear:  “DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW HORNY I AM TO HAVE A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME?”……….are you kidding me?  THESE ARE YOUR LEADERS.  He should not be the Vice President he should be in jail.  Our leaders who rule over us and  control us are a den of sick psychopathic perverts.  Watch your filthy, creepy Vice President Joe Biden and listen closely as well:

Notice how the parents are well aware……it’s a sick world at the top.

But it’s not just an American thing.  The British Parliament is falling apart with constant exposure.  The Vatican, Child Protection Services, Hollywood are all run by elite pedophiles.  I could put up videos all day long there is so much disgusting sickness out there.  I recommend going and investigating for yourself.  It’s very depressing but it’s very crucial to understand this Evil Power Structure  which rules over us. 



What Trump said can easily be passed off as his chauvinistic alpha-male view of Women.  It can also be rationalized by many as “men are men”  and they are allowed to view Women sexually and they are allowed to say what they want.  I am certainly not justifying the emasculation of men in our Culture. But in this case it represents the tip of the iceberg revealing the deeper, darker, omniscient problem of the global elitist pedophile Satanists that run our world.  

But in typical fashion neither side will get to the real darkness behind this issue because both Republicans and Democrats are involved in this heavily.  Instead they will volley back and forth as to whether he is being a chauvinist jerk or not, keeping the public in the dark about the real political issues and the real Evil that is infecting our entire Government and Culture.





Julian Assange never came through with his “October Surprise” and now Alex Jones is acting like a little kid who just found out his birthday has been cancelled.

So why would Assange break Alex’s heart like that?  Or did he never make such a promise in the first place?

And it wasn’t because Hillary threatened to hit him with a drone strike, that was back in 2010.  ( Not that she’s incapable and unwilling now )  She’s a sweetheart……..

Luke Rudkowski of the indispensable “We Are Change” website    informs us of what really happened with the “October Surprise”  surprise.   With his usual intelligence, clarity and passion, he explains how Assange never promised any such thing.  The Wikileaks website clearly shows a schedule of celebrating their 10 year anniversary along with future releases of their publications.  

So where did all this Internet excitement and hopeful demolition of Hillary originate from?  None other than Roger Stone and Infowars.  This is of course classic Roger Stone, a dirty trickster from way back in the Nixon days who worked for Trump until recently.        And as amazing and important as Alex Jones has been with his information and contributions to the Truth and Conspiracy movements, you must never depend upon one source for anything no matter how much you agree with that person.  

And then Infowars spends all day complaining about how Julian Assange disappointed everyone!

This is a fantastic example of how Internet manipulation works.  The question remains, for what reason?  Viewership and hits?  Emotional psy-op?  To damage Wikileak’s reputation?

One thing i do know, is that you cannot rely upon one source for news and information.  You actually have to do some homework in order to understand what is REALLY going on.