The very insightful and funny folks at JoyCamp presented the Presidential debate in this way……and they are closer to true than many may think:


And just to help in some “fact checking” if this all sounds insane……

CIA creating ISIS:


Hillary being a psycho-sadistic criminal:


The successes and illegal assassination of Qaddafis:


Cannabis curing cancer:


One thought on “CRAZY FUNNY TRUE

  1. You have an interesting take upon Trump. Have you ever tried to rise above the dazzling phenomena of the political stage and dig into the factions behind the racehorses? I mean getting an analytical grasp of the entire spectrum and concrete relationships between the political players? I don’t suggest I’ve gone very far into this but you certainly seem someone interested and able. I mean of course a big picture kind of approach to sorting out the little pictures. On the other hand, I guess knowledge is rarer than money these days, or property, and I suppose that being valuable makes it a target for control and disinformation. I do guess there is a little bit of that going on, here and there.

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