Julian Assange never came through with his “October Surprise” and now Alex Jones is acting like a little kid who just found out his birthday has been cancelled.

So why would Assange break Alex’s heart like that?  Or did he never make such a promise in the first place?

And it wasn’t because Hillary threatened to hit him with a drone strike, that was back in 2010.  ( Not that she’s incapable and unwilling now )  She’s a sweetheart……..http://www.activistpost.com/2016/10/new-report-claims-hillary-clinton-wanted-assassinate-assange-drone-strike.html

Luke Rudkowski of the indispensable “We Are Change” website  http://wearechange.org/    informs us of what really happened with the “October Surprise”  surprise.   With his usual intelligence, clarity and passion, he explains how Assange never promised any such thing.  The Wikileaks website clearly shows a schedule of celebrating their 10 year anniversary along with future releases of their publications.  

So where did all this Internet excitement and hopeful demolition of Hillary originate from?  None other than Roger Stone and Infowars.  This is of course classic Roger Stone, a dirty trickster from way back in the Nixon days who worked for Trump until recently.   http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/trumps-dirty-trickster-staggeringly-shady-dealings-political-operative-roger-stone        And as amazing and important as Alex Jones has been with his information and contributions to the Truth and Conspiracy movements, you must never depend upon one source for anything no matter how much you agree with that person.  

And then Infowars spends all day complaining about how Julian Assange disappointed everyone!

This is a fantastic example of how Internet manipulation works.  The question remains, for what reason?  Viewership and hits?  Emotional psy-op?  To damage Wikileak’s reputation?

One thing i do know, is that you cannot rely upon one source for news and information.  You actually have to do some homework in order to understand what is REALLY going on.








Well, unless they plan on dragging Hillary’s lifeless psychopathic corpse across the finish line it look as though she’s out of the race……this last collapse of hers has got the Democratic Party considering calling the fight, as they are getting further into what one operative referred to as “unchartered political territory”.  They can’t keep up this Weekend at Bernie’s charade anymore.  This would be considered cruel if it were being done to an animal, i can only assume that she herself wants it so badly she won’t stop when she should have long ago.  And since the American public won’t have to worry about Chelsea for a few more years, we can now consider the Clinton chapter of American politics closed and thank God.  They will go down in history as the criminal, treasonous bastards we have all come to know and love.

The Democratic Party, really run by Communists since at least FDR, are now seriously considering withdrawing Hillary.  Most likely they will go with Biden.  This is very good opposition to Trump as Trump’s main psychological hold on people is that he is not Hillary.  As for Trump, i have done a previous piece on all the negative aspects about him, a narcissistic personality disorder who considers the Geneva Convention an impediment and wonders why we can’t just nuke ISIS.  

i think that Biden represents nothingness and boredom and status quo and that is exactly what the people want and deserve right now.  Clinton and Trump are two hurricanes who will only tip the boat over, taking us all with them.  Hillary supporters will vote for Biden, and hopefully the traumatized Bernie Sanders supporters will come over to Biden as well as the undecided who were rightfully scared away by the Hillary/Trump Theater of the Absurd.  Maybe even some of the saner Trump people, not needing him any longer as a Crucifix against Hillary will go over.  As long as he can refrain from saying anything too stupid, like pointing out who carries the Nuke codes for him.   At least he knows where Aleppo is.

i love how the Washington Post says that NOW her health is a real issue.  They said it has gone from conservative conspiracy theory to central debate.  That’s what is called not admitting you had been covering for her with ridiculous excuses that guys like Drudge and Alex Jones were crazy.  And Alex Jones should not be a cheerleader for Trump, they all should act like journalists and researchers.  But i’m asking too much.  But her health problems are real.  Disappearing in the bathroom during a debate for so long that even the moderators were getting embarrassed, numerous and continuous coughing episodes that are truly upsetting to watch, being helped to stand and make it upstairs, people around her carrying injection devices, medical and unknown objects being seen underneath her clothes, being driven around not in a limo or car like everyone else but a van which looks like a converted ambulance, and many doctors opinions stating that she has serious health problems.  But the media calls it conspiracy theories.  NOW the Washington Post is calling for her medical records, saying of course the Democrats are going to lie about her condition.  

And the deception continues when the Alex Jones, Drudge and Savage coterie of Trump enthusiasts are correct in calling out Hillary’s many faults; but then they will go on to support and deceive their listeners about Trump.  Nowadays you cannot get the Truth from one or a few outlets…..you actually have to work and research to get an accurate and holistic view of what is going on.   And even then, good luck.

Remember, these Money Controllers do control so much that there is no way that Trump or anyone else can be where they are unless there are approved dealings going on.  Otherwise you would be seeing a JFK situation, or a Lindbergh baby kidnapping, because these guys are evil and do not play around.


BREAKING: Democrats May Hold Emergency Meeting to Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton



ab·surd  (b-sûrd, -zûrd)


1. Ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable. See Synonyms at foolish.
2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or value in human life or in the universe.
3. Of or relating to absurdism or the absurd.

The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people’s lives have no purpose or meaning.

Absurd as it may appear,  or perhaps not if you are accustomed to existing within this Alice In Wonderland Puppet-Show,  the chemical weapons supposedly dropped on the Syrians by who knows who are known as potassium flouride and sodium flouride.   Yet these are the chemicals which the U.S.  and other governments dose their water supply with.  that are also put in water for nursery children to be sold in Walgreen’s and elsewhere,  they hide quietly everyday in our toothpaste,  and this is also the ingredient which makes Prozac so cool……. Mike Adams from Natural News explains it all:


While we are on the unfortunate topic of Syria and the seemingly planned and desired invasion ( as usual ) here are some articles which i hope may help guide us through the lies and chaos……

The informed and balanced Corbett Report Video and Article:


Britain approved the sale of chemical weapons to Syria AFTER civil unrest,  which sounds as though this was clearly planned:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/revealed-uk-government-let-british-company-export-nerve-gas-chemicals-to-syria-8793642.html

Is this another Puppet-Show performance?  http://www.infowars.com/expert-chemical-weapons-victim-footage-appears-set-up/

An analysis:  http://www.globalresearch.ca/dangerous-crossroads-a-war-on-syria-prelude-to-a-world-war-iii-scenario/5347370

A critique of the Puppet-Show:  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/09/02/americans-do-not-buy-us-intelligence-on-syria/


It is very easy,  with the overwhelming amount of News and Information available to us, to pass over the plight of a handful of inmates.  But Eugenics is a very dangerous philosophy of those in power…..it shows a despicable lack of concern for humanity as well as the blatant attitude that would allow someone to believe that they can do what they want to other Human Beings,  no matter how personal,  how invasive,  or even whether they are Women and locked up in a cage…..

Which is why they performed this abusive torture on Women in a prison…..two groups that Society finds easy not to empathize with.

The entire world at one time was horrified by the Eugenics Movement that Hitler supported and activated,  when in fact it is documented that Hitler learned and was inspired by the American Eugenics Movement of the early part of the century.  In fact,  they had to change their name because Hitler gave Eugenics such a bad reputation after WWII.

The definition may sound palatable,  even progressively scientific,  yet the end result of forcefully sterilizing Humans with the intent of racially and genetically  “purifying”  the population is unacceptable.

And while you may not feel personally threatened by a Eugenics program,  at least consider how those in power who control you have this type of belief system and dehumanizing philosophy.




Thinking is now officially illegal….if your Thoughts are not accepted it is apparent that you will be punished as is the case right here with Lauren Hill.   So what evil did she commit in the eyes of the State?   She bravely and intelligently went on a little rant on her Tumblr  account about how the Music Industry is   “manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex”.    And she is absolutely correct.  i really don’t want to see any more pain come to Lauren, but she may be the next martyr that gets put up on the cross….to be punished for having ideas is so far beyond Freedom and Logic i no longer know what Dimension i am inhabiting.  And to be “counseled”  which is just a deceiving word for re-education only shows how serious They are.  But we did learn something.  We learned that Imagination and Thoughts are very harmful to the Controlling Powers.  Love is too.  Otherwise there would not be such an intentional and serious oppression of these things.



Many types of guns can now be Printed, in Three Dimensions and functionally.  And guns will always be found illegally if they are ever made illegal.  Perhaps this is why bullets, the real dangerous part of a gun are being bought up by Homeland Security in such an unprecedented manner.  See…. http://www.infowars.com/dhs-excuses-for-buying-so-much-ammo-dont-add-up/     After all, everyone can have a gun if there are no bullets to be found, bullets are what make a gun deadly.  Unless you smash someone in the head with the actual gun, of course.  But the 3-D Printer,  like the Star Trek Replicator, is capable of copying an object into hard plastic and that is an amazing futuristic luxury….