Julian Assange never came through with his “October Surprise” and now Alex Jones is acting like a little kid who just found out his birthday has been cancelled.

So why would Assange break Alex’s heart like that?  Or did he never make such a promise in the first place?

And it wasn’t because Hillary threatened to hit him with a drone strike, that was back in 2010.  ( Not that she’s incapable and unwilling now )  She’s a sweetheart……..http://www.activistpost.com/2016/10/new-report-claims-hillary-clinton-wanted-assassinate-assange-drone-strike.html

Luke Rudkowski of the indispensable “We Are Change” website  http://wearechange.org/    informs us of what really happened with the “October Surprise”  surprise.   With his usual intelligence, clarity and passion, he explains how Assange never promised any such thing.  The Wikileaks website clearly shows a schedule of celebrating their 10 year anniversary along with future releases of their publications.  

So where did all this Internet excitement and hopeful demolition of Hillary originate from?  None other than Roger Stone and Infowars.  This is of course classic Roger Stone, a dirty trickster from way back in the Nixon days who worked for Trump until recently.   http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/trumps-dirty-trickster-staggeringly-shady-dealings-political-operative-roger-stone        And as amazing and important as Alex Jones has been with his information and contributions to the Truth and Conspiracy movements, you must never depend upon one source for anything no matter how much you agree with that person.  

And then Infowars spends all day complaining about how Julian Assange disappointed everyone!

This is a fantastic example of how Internet manipulation works.  The question remains, for what reason?  Viewership and hits?  Emotional psy-op?  To damage Wikileak’s reputation?

One thing i do know, is that you cannot rely upon one source for news and information.  You actually have to do some homework in order to understand what is REALLY going on.








ab·surd  (b-sûrd, -zûrd)


1. Ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable. See Synonyms at foolish.
2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or value in human life or in the universe.
3. Of or relating to absurdism or the absurd.

The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people’s lives have no purpose or meaning.

Absurd as it may appear,  or perhaps not if you are accustomed to existing within this Alice In Wonderland Puppet-Show,  the chemical weapons supposedly dropped on the Syrians by who knows who are known as potassium flouride and sodium flouride.   Yet these are the chemicals which the U.S.  and other governments dose their water supply with.  that are also put in water for nursery children to be sold in Walgreen’s and elsewhere,  they hide quietly everyday in our toothpaste,  and this is also the ingredient which makes Prozac so cool……. Mike Adams from Natural News explains it all:


While we are on the unfortunate topic of Syria and the seemingly planned and desired invasion ( as usual ) here are some articles which i hope may help guide us through the lies and chaos……

The informed and balanced Corbett Report Video and Article:


Britain approved the sale of chemical weapons to Syria AFTER civil unrest,  which sounds as though this was clearly planned:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/revealed-uk-government-let-british-company-export-nerve-gas-chemicals-to-syria-8793642.html

Is this another Puppet-Show performance?  http://www.infowars.com/expert-chemical-weapons-victim-footage-appears-set-up/

An analysis:  http://www.globalresearch.ca/dangerous-crossroads-a-war-on-syria-prelude-to-a-world-war-iii-scenario/5347370

A critique of the Puppet-Show:  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/09/02/americans-do-not-buy-us-intelligence-on-syria/

OPERATION KILL BAMBI ( and humanity along with her)

There are certain momentous occasions in history when mankind outdoes himself,  when he surpasses a certain moral milestone that speaks quite clearly and plainly to the world,  “This is how things are to be done from this point forward.  This has now become part of your reality.”  The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were examples of this.   As was 911.

And now mankind has dared to venture even further into the darker realms of inhumanity.

We are now a Civilization that will Militarily attack a baby deer.

When the Wisconsin authorities received an anonymous tip about a baby deer being housed without a permit,  they understandably became very concerned and predictably very frightened……not wanting or even able to think for themselves they immediately enacted the first procedure of any operation,  and that is to overreact violently.     And that seemed quite providential as somehow it seemed that if the first protocol had been any different it would have just been ignored in favor of violence anyway.  God-damn baby deer.  They think they own this city.  And since everything went “green”  they just walk around like God’s gift to Nature……but there are laws,  god damn it…..contrived and absurd,  but laws all the same,  but do they appreciate it?   Just because a baby deer poses no threat at all even to a baby human,  the Military is a creature all its own with the Fears and Hatreds of a psychopathic nightmare,  as well as the difficult job of protecting the people by controlling them, beating them and throwing them in jail…..and do the people appreciate this?  Not a bit!  In fact, they protest even more!    it seems the more laws you give these people for their own safety,  the more they complain.   ..

i am not sure if they managed to get deep undercover,  but they did get aerial photos and a layout of the place,  as well as thirteen well- armed men.  Quite a party for just one baby deer…..i don’t think JFK was given this much attention.  Perhaps this fawn was no Bambi…… Was this baby deer a secret agent brought in by CIA or Mossad?  The permit could very easily be a cover story…..this was a take down. Psychopathic Alpha Males versus Bambi…..is that a fair fight?  It actually seems very abusive and gratuitously violent.

The Truth is quite often sicker than Fiction……the plan was to capture the animal, euthanize it and then kill it…..and just to add to the ferocious image it never had,  the deer’s name was Giggles.  Yes,  Giggles.  Now if all this seems to have been a needlessly brutal act,  i assure you it was.

The War Room before the Operation:  

“Gentleman,  i have gathered you all together because you are the elite of the elite.  You represent the most brutal, vicious, and sick bastards i know…..and that’s including my ex-wife.   And you will need all of your skills,  gentlemen,  this is no picnic i can assure you.  Our target?”

Flashes a picture of Bambi on the screen…..

“Is there something funny,  Kowalski?”

“No, Sir!”

“Does this picture of a baby fawn amuse you in some way?”

“No, Sir!”

“Are you aware of how many good men that baby deer has taken out?   That fawn is a weapon’s expert,  that fawn would not hesitate to kill your mother,  do you understand me soldier?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“I pray that you do, son.  I’ve seen video of that baby deer ripping the throat out of a top assassin,  and that fawn enjoyed it.  He looked adorable as heck,  but he enjoyed it.  That fawn is a risk to our nation…….he must be disposed.  We,  gentlemen,  will be doing the disposing. Now, the name of our target is Giggles…..”

“Am i going to have to replace you,  Kowalski?”

“Sir,  no sir!”

“Are we all clear on our mission?  We enter, we grab the deer,  bag it,  drug it and kill it,  and we’re done.”

“But why bother to euthanize it before we kill it, sir?”

“Because, Kowalski, we are not savages,”


The predator here is Man,  with alpha male imprinted on their foreheads,  and his Ego and Fear will not allow for the existence of his predator……Man is the Fawn to some Predator,  this is as sure as any Cosmic Law, be they physical or thought forms or as yet unknown.    http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=44594             

So without skipping a beat on the gratuitous killing of beautiful animals i shall now seamlessly segue into the destruction of horses…..   welcome to Alice in Wonderland,  beginning with the Law allowing for the slaughtering of horses…..http://americanlivewire.com/courts-approved-horse-slaughterhouses-despite-protests/           The “Law” is a continuously growing list of what humans can and cannot do – finding myself as a free consciousness coming into awareness being told what i can and cannot do tells me that i am obviously a slave…..the Law itself is a form of crime – if i break the Law then armed men will lock me in a cage,  but we have all accepted this system,  this gestalt that is their playground,  their rules.  We have passively yet willingly engaged in and participated in the crime that is the Law imposed upon man,  

And along with Horses and Fawns let us not forget the most precious of living creatures,  Children.  This most disgusting inhumanity can be observed quite clearly in the foster care system just about anytime…..



It is very easy,  with the overwhelming amount of News and Information available to us, to pass over the plight of a handful of inmates.  But Eugenics is a very dangerous philosophy of those in power…..it shows a despicable lack of concern for humanity as well as the blatant attitude that would allow someone to believe that they can do what they want to other Human Beings,  no matter how personal,  how invasive,  or even whether they are Women and locked up in a cage…..

Which is why they performed this abusive torture on Women in a prison…..two groups that Society finds easy not to empathize with.

The entire world at one time was horrified by the Eugenics Movement that Hitler supported and activated,  when in fact it is documented that Hitler learned and was inspired by the American Eugenics Movement of the early part of the century.  In fact,  they had to change their name because Hitler gave Eugenics such a bad reputation after WWII.

The definition may sound palatable,  even progressively scientific,  yet the end result of forcefully sterilizing Humans with the intent of racially and genetically  “purifying”  the population is unacceptable.

And while you may not feel personally threatened by a Eugenics program,  at least consider how those in power who control you have this type of belief system and dehumanizing philosophy.