The very insightful and funny folks at JoyCamp presented the Presidential debate in this way……and they are closer to true than many may think:


And just to help in some “fact checking” if this all sounds insane……

CIA creating ISIS:


Hillary being a psycho-sadistic criminal:


The successes and illegal assassination of Qaddafis:


Cannabis curing cancer:



Julian Assange never came through with his “October Surprise” and now Alex Jones is acting like a little kid who just found out his birthday has been cancelled.

So why would Assange break Alex’s heart like that?  Or did he never make such a promise in the first place?

And it wasn’t because Hillary threatened to hit him with a drone strike, that was back in 2010.  ( Not that she’s incapable and unwilling now )  She’s a sweetheart……..

Luke Rudkowski of the indispensable “We Are Change” website    informs us of what really happened with the “October Surprise”  surprise.   With his usual intelligence, clarity and passion, he explains how Assange never promised any such thing.  The Wikileaks website clearly shows a schedule of celebrating their 10 year anniversary along with future releases of their publications.  

So where did all this Internet excitement and hopeful demolition of Hillary originate from?  None other than Roger Stone and Infowars.  This is of course classic Roger Stone, a dirty trickster from way back in the Nixon days who worked for Trump until recently.        And as amazing and important as Alex Jones has been with his information and contributions to the Truth and Conspiracy movements, you must never depend upon one source for anything no matter how much you agree with that person.  

And then Infowars spends all day complaining about how Julian Assange disappointed everyone!

This is a fantastic example of how Internet manipulation works.  The question remains, for what reason?  Viewership and hits?  Emotional psy-op?  To damage Wikileak’s reputation?

One thing i do know, is that you cannot rely upon one source for news and information.  You actually have to do some homework in order to understand what is REALLY going on.



Let’s cut to the chase.

We know that Hillary is Establishment.

But Donald Trump is being sold to the American people as the outsider who is not part of the Establishment.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify the Federal Reserve System as the sole reason for the enormous national debt and unparalleled banker control.  Instead, he talks about what he will do to fight it like every other fake politician.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify ISIS as being a mercenary force supported if not created by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  But instead he talks about how he will fight ISIS like every other fake politician.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would identify the true criminals of 9-11.  Instead, he cagily blames Saudi Arabia only, who was part of it, but it is not the whole story.

If Trump was really against the Establishment he would tell the truth about Palestine.

Donald Trump is not part of the solution, he is just part of the puppet-show doing his job distracting you.  “But he’s better than Hillary”  you say……yes, he appeals to you because you are more to the right.  And for those who lean left, Hillary is more appealing.  But they are both the tools of the real Controllers and nothing will change.

The Dark Magicians who control the Human Farm have once again hypnotized the people into believing that the election process is in their hands and that both candidates represent them.




The only reason i watched the election debate was for the same reason i sometimes watch NASCAR……i was hoping to see a really good crash.

Who among us was not waiting for Hillary to collapse like building 7, or disappear into the bathroom again like a junkie for so long the moderators get nervous?  But not even a cough or a clearing of the throat…..she even walked to the podium all by herself.  And surely Trump would not deny us some abusive insults or even an outrageously inappropriate comment or two.  But he, too, was in good form.  At least there was a good chance they would be at each other’s throats by half-time but they both disappointed by acting like perfect adults.

They did succeed in passing 90 minutes without saying anything worthwhile as is their craft, alternately throwing statistics and promises back and forth while accusing the other of lying, leaving the listener numb and no wiser as to who these two really are.

Was that Graves and Madame Secretary i saw or is my mind melting into the cultural goulash where we are all one?

Other than two elitist, egotistical, lying, sadistic, criminal pricks forced upon us as Presidential candidates. 

Lucky for us there can be only one.






In my attempt at being unbiased and analytical i wrote a piece on Donald Trump pointing out some of the seriously negative aspects of his personality and history.  And while this information should still be considered with regard to him and his campaign, in retrospect i was remiss by not putting that information into its full perspective.

My true goal is not to push one candidate over the other, but to present my readers with information about both which they may not have previously been be aware of.

First, it is very well documented that Hillary and Bill Clinton have been the most corrupt, sadistic, treasonous, globalist Marxist politicians ever.  She is a Soros and Rothchild friend and puppet, which is why the entire Establishment of the Media and even Republicans support her against Trump.  It is truly frightening how much damage these two have done, and how the Media has been complicit in covering or minimizing their crimes.   The Media has also been unbelivably one-sided against Trump.  And yes, everything points to her being very sick on top of it.  This comprehensive piece on Hillary by Devvy pulls no punches…….


Secondly, Trump is definitely anti-globalist.  The many ramifications of globalism will deeply ( they have already ) affect this country and all Americans very harshly.  This is truly the centerpiece of the election.  i refer you now to this video from SGTreport, and this excellent article from Freedom Articles.

This is truly a polarized election.  Trump supporters fear a Hillary presidency, and Hillary supporters fear a Trump election.  They are both royal blooded, related, globalist, elitist, 1%, psychopathic, authoritarians.

What happens if Hillary dies before the election?  And will there be riots after the election over fraud?  Because both sides are going to go insane when the other side wins, of that there is no doubt……

More coming on the psychological and emotional personality cults being played out here.  


Entire US Presidential Election is Fake, From Start to Finish




Pedophilia is the most evil, disgusting act perpetrated upon the most innocent, helpless people namely children.

This horror show should be non-existent and yet unbelievably it is more popular than people are aware of.

The Vatican is rife with it and actually protects it, it is ok’d in the Talmud, countless rabbis and priests have been caught at it, it is on the incredibly popular television show Family Guy as a regular character,  insiders say Hollywood is run by pedophile elite, the United Nations declared that children having sex for money in third world countries is fine because it’s the only way they can feed themselves, the Psychiatric Association in their DSM said that pedophilia is a lifestyle choice and not a perversion, the British parliament is so full of them they say you can’t be there unless you are one, child protection services as well as other rings have been associated time and again with high level politicians, and now these decadent depraved perverts want to get married.

And they will be allowed to, wait and see.

And after that they will be protected by laws better than you are.

How in the hell is this happening?  How is sex with children so accepted and popular right in front of everyone?

It can only be because it is approved and coming from the control at the top.

Which can be nothing other than some form of a Satanic Luciferian Elite.



I haven’t written for a long time because quite frankly I am constantly overwhelmed by how much is going on and how horrible the implications are.

Every day there are at least 5-10 news stories, documentaries or historical corrections I want to share with you.

Because it is not just about a 911 conspiracy one day and a GMO conspiracy the next……it is all of Reality which is controlled and designed to go against the Natural Human.  The only things which are not completely controlled are our physical bodies and our Minds.  And they are getting there.


Truly we are Lab Rats however difficult that is for many to accept.  This is indeed a prison planet, physically as well as metaphysically.

One major problem is that we have absolutely no idea what is going on in the world other than what we are told by the Media.  And lies would be welcome compared to the propaganda psy-ops going on at many levels.  Even the alternative news is suspect and part of the conditioning and disinformation going on.

A good example are the Ferguson riots……there IS a problem with militarized police brutality, but watch out for the exaggeration or escalation interwoven with perception management and emotional manipulation…..severe mind games. 

As with all Media Events, even the seemingly organic ones, it appears to have been staged and funded by the Usual Suspects.

Nothing we see is real……


And here is a great documentary i was reminded of by one of the commentators to this article: