I haven’t written for a long time because quite frankly I am constantly overwhelmed by how much is going on and how horrible the implications are.

Every day there are at least 5-10 news stories, documentaries or historical corrections I want to share with you.

Because it is not just about a 911 conspiracy one day and a GMO conspiracy the next……it is all of Reality which is controlled and designed to go against the Natural Human.  The only things which are not completely controlled are our physical bodies and our Minds.  And they are getting there.


Truly we are Lab Rats however difficult that is for many to accept.  This is indeed a prison planet, physically as well as metaphysically.

One major problem is that we have absolutely no idea what is going on in the world other than what we are told by the Media.  And lies would be welcome compared to the propaganda psy-ops going on at many levels.  Even the alternative news is suspect and part of the conditioning and disinformation going on.

A good example are the Ferguson riots……there IS a problem with militarized police brutality, but watch out for the exaggeration or escalation interwoven with perception management and emotional manipulation…..severe mind games. 

As with all Media Events, even the seemingly organic ones, it appears to have been staged and funded by the Usual Suspects.

Nothing we see is real……



And here is a great documentary i was reminded of by one of the commentators to this article: